merchant processing
12 Days of Payments: Merchant Processing Clarity
December 20, 2017

On the tenth day of payments, my processor gave to me: merchant processing clarity. Deciphering a merchant processing statement can be one…

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future of payment processing header image
The Future of Payment Processing is One of Security and Convenience
November 21, 2017

The payments industry is continuously evolving. Despite the dominant use of debit cards, credit cards, and cash, rapidly advancing innovations and…

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payment processing trends
5 Hottest Payment Processing Trends In Payments This Year
April 26, 2017

Trends in the payments ecosystem are a lot like fashion: what’s hot one year, likely won’t be the next. The rate…

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merchant credit card processing
Simplifying the Merchant Credit Card Processing Equation
February 27, 2017

Figuring out how all the moving pieces of a payments puzzle fit together can be taxing for any business, especially when…

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credit card payments
Want to Accept Credit Card Payments? Read This First.
December 8, 2016

You want to open a merchant account to help your business grow, but you are not quite sure where to begin….

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MATCH list
Accepting Credit Cards 101: What is the MATCH List?
November 17, 2016

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you have just learned that you are on the Terminated Merchant File, also…

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best credit card processing services
Finding the Best Credit Card Processing Services for your Business
November 15, 2016

With 2017 quickly approaching, now is a good time to review all that occurred in 2016 for your business and plan for…

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real-time support
Credit Card Processing Services Must Provide Exceptional Support
November 3, 2016

This week, Twitter made an announcement that they will begin automating customer service options to businesses who use their platform. This will…

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accepting cards
Accepting credit cards from women a relatively new concept
October 20, 2016

It’s hard to believe that just 40 years ago, most businesses were not in the practice of accepting cards from women…

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card brand humor
Credit card brands leverage humor to introduce new tech
October 17, 2016

Credit card brand humor is coming to the forefront with brands like Mastercard using humorous strategies to bring digital payments into…

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