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02 November 2021

Andy Roth

Where To Save Money Within Your Business

Is your business spending too much money and not making enough of a profit? Consider the following ways you can save money and give your business a financial boost. Track Expenses Any time you spend money on your business, keep track of that receipt. At the end of the year, you will be able to …

12 May 2021

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Let’s Talk About POS Systems

What is a Point of Sale? A Point Of Sale (POS) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the point where a customer sale is completed. Not too long ago, customer purchases were made primarily at a register in a dedicated spot in a retail store. The cashier scanned your items or manually entered prices …

06 May 2021

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What is Level 2 Data

In the continuous advancement of technology and the role it plays in the business industry, it is becoming increasingly important to accept credit card payments, especially in B2B transactions. So when business owners start digging into their merchant statements they will likely ask, ‘What is Level 2 Data?’ Money transfers and paper checks are still …

23 April 2021

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The Best Ecommerce Merchant Services

Besides the obvious, what makes an eCommerce purchase different from a transaction made in a brick-and-mortar location? It’s as simple as this, in an online purchase, also called a card-not-present transaction, a merchant has no idea who is entering the credit card information to complete a purchase. During a transaction made face-to-face, there are opportunities …

21 April 2021

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Organize Your Sales Data To Make It More Useful

Organize Your Sales Data To Make It More Useful Data is an essential part of sales management. Without the correct data, you might miss opportunities or spend time on relationships that are not a good fit. Looking at stacks of raw data, though, can intimidate any sales representative, especially one who is used to taking …

19 March 2021

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High volume solutions for credit card processing

You ignored the naysayers and started small; with a little bit of cash and a big idea. Sales grew slowly, $10 here and $20 there, but you made it your mission to provide the best possible customer experience regardless of the size of the transaction. Word travels fast and before you knew it sales were …

02 March 2021

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5 Things You Should Know About Go Daddy

Go Daddy is one of the largest website builders on the market. When you are thinking about registering a domain, sites like Go Daddy are designed to save you the headache and time associated with setting up new e-commerce or personal website. However, before you signup for their services platform, there are a few things …

23 February 2021

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Shippo Login

Your Shippo login gives you access to all the features that are offered through this multi-carrier shipping software. If you operate an e-commerce business, you’re likely to have clients in several different countries. You want to provide each of those customers with the delivery solution that is best suited to their needs. Your Shippo login …

11 February 2021

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QuickBooks Credit Card Processing 

QuickBooks is a reputable accounting brand that includes accounting software, credit card processing, and point of sale software. All three aspects of QuickBooks services aim to automate the accounting process for small businesses and enterprises. Using QuickBooks credit card processing software is useful for businesses like general contractors, consultants, and other service based businesses. Business …

09 February 2021

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ShopKeep POS for Small Businesses 

What is ShopKeep? If you’ve been searching online for some efficient tools to manage your ecommerce and retail businesses, you may have come across the Shopkeep POS. This is a point of sale system that was developed by Jason Richelson and Amy Bennett in 2008. Jason and Amy had a wine shop in Brooklyn. They …