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03 January 2022

Colin Driscoll

Clover Flex – What You Need To Know About This POS Device

Clover Flex is one of the most interesting Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices as it tries to combine a mobile reader and a stationary POS. So, what are the advantages of Clover Flex? How easy or hard is it to use? And, what are the notable features? If you want to know the answers to these questions, …

13 December 2021

Colin Driscoll

The Best Credit Card Machines for Business

You have an important business to take care of, and you need the best credit card machines for your business. But how do you choose? The last thing you want is to purchase a machine that is too expensive or doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve created this guide on the best credit card machines for …

06 December 2021

Colin Driscoll

Ingenico Card Reader

Cashless payments have been getting more traction than ever as the world is transitioning to the digital era. With just a few clicks and swipes, your payment will be processed right away, whether you’re buying online or at physical stores. Thus, most businesses are also adapting the seamless mode of payment through credit card machines. …

29 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Card Machines for Your Small Business

Small businesses adapt to the changes made by the digital world. They used machines and other gadgets that are needed and important to the day-to-day transaction of their business. A business card machine is needed as many buyers now prefer to bring cards instead of cash. Credit card machines are used to receive payments from …

16 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Credit Card Machine

10 Best Credit Card Machine For Business Running a small business can be hard. Growing it, even more so. But when you hit the point where your business is doing well enough to require payment solutions beyond cash or check, you face an added challenge. The best credit card machine for any given business will …

02 November 2021

Andy Roth

Where To Save Money Within Your Business

Is your business spending too much money and not making enough of a profit? Consider the following ways you can save money and give your business a financial boost. Track Expenses Any time you spend money on your business, keep track of that receipt. At the end of the year, you will be able to …

02 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Clover POS System

Point of sale or POS systems are necessary for most restaurant or retail businesses because of their efficiency in processing transactions, payments, and receipts. Because of this, they have immediately become a unified source of advanced inventory management, credit card processing, including eCommerce integrations. If you’re running the same kind of business, it’s vital that …

13 September 2021

Andy Roth

What is a Surcharge?

Using a credit card is convenient. It helps track spending, reduces the need to carry cash, and many credit cards have rewards connected with them. However, it is common for such cards to have a surcharge attached to them too. This is a fee your customers get charged for the convenience of using a credit …

02 September 2021

Andy Roth

6 Ways To Make Your Business More Convenient

The pandemic and fast digital transformations have been two of the most significant difficulties for small firms in the past year. Companies that wish to stay afloat (or even thrive) must adapt to changing consumer demands, which includes increasing convenience. According to new research from Avionos, a digital strategy, and marketing consultancy, convenience is now …

12 May 2021

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Let’s Talk About POS Systems

What is a Point of Sale? A Point Of Sale (POS) is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the point where a customer sale is completed. Not too long ago, customer purchases were made primarily at a register in a dedicated spot in a retail store. The cashier scanned your items or manually entered prices …