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13 January 2023

Colin Driscoll

Separate Yourself from Competitors with Payline

It is essential that you separate yourself and stand out from your competition. You want customers to think of your business whenever they want the good or service your company offers. It would be best if you had the right tools to accomplish this; a POS system from Payline can help.  How Can My POS …

18 December 2022

Colin Driscoll

Repeat and Recurring Payments Overview

Repeat payments, also known as recurring payments, are a huge payment tool that can dramatically improve your business. They can save you time and increase your customer experience quality. A wide variety of companies can take advantage of recurring payments. It also offers a more reliable form of payment when compared to ACH. Finally, it’s …

11 November 2022

Colin Driscoll

How to Successfully Sell Your Items to Increase Online Sales

Online sales have been and remain a promising way to promote products. This was especially affected by the pandemic, due to which most people began to buy more and more products for various purposes on online platforms. So, in 2020 in the US alone, online sales grew by 44%. But everything is not as simple …

08 November 2022

Colin Driscoll

Different Options Aside From Paypal

Many different businesses choose to use Paypal as their payment processor. This is often because Paypal is easy to use and straightforward. While these are important, there are limits to what Paypal can offer your business. There are many different options for you to choose from for your business. Factors such as customer service, high-risk …

29 October 2022

Colin Driscoll

Global Payments Inc: Expanding Your Customers’ Payment Options

Are you looking to accept more payment types from your customers? Global Payments Inc. can help. Learn more about this processing powerhouse here. Payments are an important aspect of our lives. We have payments for everything from the coffee we put in our coffee maker to our Netflix membership. There are hundreds of options for …

26 October 2022

Colin Driscoll

What You Need to Know About MID (Merchant ID Number)

If you’re a business owner, you know that having a merchant account is essential for processing payments. But do you know what a MID (merchant identification number) is? This article will explain everything you need to know about MIDs and why your merchant account needs one. What is a MID (Merchant ID Number)? A Merchant …

26 October 2022

Colin Driscoll

What is an ACH Payment

The use of automatic payments via the system is on the rise. To electronically transfer funds between financial institutions, you may utilize ACH transfers. Find out what they’ll cost you and how the various banks handle them. Direct deposits from companies and government benefit programs, payments between individuals, bill payments, and other ACH transfers are …

11 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Stripe Login Help and Overview of Stripe

Suppose you are having any difficulties with your Stripe login. In that case, this article will help you through the sign-in process and tell you how to reach Stripe customer service. Additionally, this article provides an overview of Stripe as a payment processor and how Payline might be a better fit for your business.  How …

07 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

EMV and How it can Help Your Business

EMV technology is a handy tool in the payments industry and can significantly help your business. This article will describe what EMV technology is, how it works, and how EMV can help your business. Finally, this article will show you how Payline can use EMV technology to maximize your revenue.  What is EMV Technology? EMV …

01 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Coffee Shop POS

This article emphasizes the importance and requirements for a coffee shop POS. There are many factors to consider when searching for a POS for your coffee shop. Finally, this article includes an overview of several options for a coffee shop POS.  How Does a POS Help Your Coffee Shop? A POS system is an absolutely …