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22 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

How is Banking Likely to Change Over the Next Decade? 

If you’re old enough to remember the days when you’d need to take a day off from work to head to the bank and wait in a line as long as life just to be able to do something as simple as upgrade your credit card or open another account, then you’re going to appreciate …

14 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

The True Cost of POS Downtime For Small Businesses & Retailers In 2022

No matter what you sell, it could be coffee, tickets, clothes, or even shoes, Clover POS (Point of Sale) systems play a vital role in the success of your business. In case you are facing a POS system downtime, you will not have a way of processing sales, meaning that you will be out of …

12 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Payment Gateway Development: What You Need to Know

Any company that accepts payments over the Internet or allows clients to recharge within the service faces the problem of accepting payments. There is already a solution – you can connect to a payment service provider that will take on this task. It is quite easy to set up the work if you do not …

11 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Stripe Login Help and Overview of Stripe

Suppose you are having any difficulties with your Stripe login. In that case, this article will help you through the sign-in process and tell you how to reach Stripe customer service. Additionally, this article provides an overview of Stripe as a payment processor and how Payline might be a better fit for your business.  How …

08 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Medical Billing with Payline

Medical billing can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. This article will show how effective payment processing can streamline the medical billing process. Additionally, this article will explain what criteria you should look for in a payment processor and how Payline can easily assist your practice.  How can a Payment Processor assist with Medical Billing? …

07 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

EMV and How it can Help Your Business

EMV technology is a handy tool in the payments industry and can significantly help your business. This article will describe what EMV technology is, how it works, and how EMV can help your business. Finally, this article will show you how Payline can use EMV technology to maximize your revenue.  What is EMV Technology? EMV …

05 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

The main rules to follow to take online payments safely

Over the last several years we have been seeing a huge increase in non-cash payments and online payments in general – it is way more convenient for people, it saves time, it helps with buying from any location and not sticking to a certain city that you live in. However, online payments are less safe …

05 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Card Reader Options For Your Business

This article explains why your business needs a card reader and how they work. There are essential criteria to consider, such as types of payments accepted, durability, security, and services provided by a potential payment processor. This article will review some options from Clover, Oracle, and Ingenico. And demonstrate how you can easily use these …

01 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Coffee Shop POS

This article emphasizes the importance and requirements for a coffee shop POS. There are many factors to consider when searching for a POS for your coffee shop. Finally, this article includes an overview of several options for a coffee shop POS.  How Does a POS Help Your Coffee Shop? A POS system is an absolutely …

31 August 2022

Colin Driscoll

Clover Flex and Clover Payment Processing

This article goes over the advantages of Clover Flex and other Clover terminals. Also, this article discusses the pros and cons of going through Clover directly for your payment processing. And the benefits of using Clover terminals through Payline.  Advantages of Clover Flex Clover Flex is an incredibly versatile payment processing tool that can help …