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17 January 2022

Colin Driscoll

How to Offset Credit Card Processing Fees

In today’s world, accepting credit cards is a must for businesses. However, the total can be a hard pill to swallow. As the payments space progresses, the idea of offsetting the cost of credit cards gets more and more popular. Is there any way to avoid credit card processing fees? Can a business eliminate credit …

19 December 2021

Colin Driscoll

Stripe vs Square

As a business owner, you know you need to have a solution to accept credit cards. The question is, who to turn to for this need? Stripe and Square are two of the biggest companies that provide credit card processing, on top of other things. This article lets you know the pros and cons of …

09 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Why is my card being declined?

Having your credit card declined is not a good feeling. It is always good to have backup credit cards or debit cards, but here are some reasons why it may be getting declined. You’ve Reached your Credit Limit As you likely know when you apply for a credit card, you are given a limit of …

10 August 2021

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Hubspot CRM | One of the Best Tools for Any Sized Business

What is a CRM? Quite simply, Customer Relationship Management or CRM is business software that gives individuals and teams the tools they need to maximize customer communications and sales initiatives. Genuinely successful marketing efforts are all about building long-term relationships by improving the customer experience before, during, and after a sale. Hubspot can do that, …

09 July 2021

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With Divvy, You’ll Never Go Over Budget Again

Who is Divvy? If you run a small to midsize business, you know the drill. Anything and everything to do with day-to-day operations fall squarely on your shoulders; inventory management, hiring, training, customer service, advertising, and on and on. Your business thrives on positive reviews, so chances are your top priority is ensuring the best …

08 July 2021

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Novo Bank: Increasing the Small Business Banking Boom

According to the Small Business Administration, nearly 32 million small businesses are operating in the country. That number continues rising every day. Currently, the IRS is experiencing a post-pandemic business application boom like never seen before. So, what exactly is going on? As business restrictions ease up, employees are none too eager to return to …

02 July 2021

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A New Breed of Online Banks: Chime Bank

A new breed of banks has sprung up recently to serve customers who want to handle all of their banking online. We live our lives online, rarely exchange cash, and are sick of the fees that traditional banks charge us when the whim strikes. Neobanks, specifically Chime Bank,  are online-only financial institutions similar to banks …

25 June 2021

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Small Business Loans

Do you need a Small Business Loan? Many business owners make the common mistake of waiting too long to apply for small business loans. Chances are the more desperate you are, the more difficult the process will become. Getting approved for most small business loans can take time, and they’re much easier to get when …

15 June 2021

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Payroll Services

Why do I Need a Payroll Service? Payroll is a lot to take on with frequently changing tax laws and requirements. If there’s one thing you should outsource to keep you from turning your shop into a financial punching bag, it’s payroll. Easy payroll solutions for your business are available with Payline, see which options …

28 May 2021

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Keep Your Business Secure with McAfee

According to Pew Research, 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, up from 35% just ten years ago. With millions of apps available, your phone is a digital powerhouse performing a multitude of functions that were unimaginable just a few years ago. We use them for banking, shopping, research, communication, gaming, and even activism. In …