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17 June 2021

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ACH Payment

ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House, is a type of network mainly used to transfer money electronically between banks in the United States. All ACH payments are systematically run and monitored by an organization known as NACHA that stands for National Automated Clearing House Association. They are also often mentioned as the ACH scheme …

04 May 2021

Colin Driscoll

5 Ways to Collect Payments for Your Business

Written by Guest Writer: Lindsey Patterson You only get paid if the customers pay on time and consistently. This means making sure you have a strong payment collection system. The better your customers’ experience is, the more money you make. Make it easier for people to pay for your products and services using these tips. …

14 April 2021

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ACH Transfer Meaning

Businesses can use several methods to receive payments from their clients. Many may allow ACH transfers because these are more cost-effective than some of the other options that are available. This article will explain how ACH transfers work and how your business can benefit from them. ACH Transfer Meaning – What is an ACH Transfer? …

10 February 2021

SherRon Marcek

Top 6 Reasons to Use ACH for Business

Debit cards and credit cards have quickly become the go-to payment option for most people after cash. A study conducted by the Federal Reserve payment discovered that there has been a steady increase in debit and credit card transactions over the years, with more than 70% of people using them. What’s more, both of these …

10 February 2021

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ACH Transaction

An ACH transaction is one that is done without an actual check written and given to someone else. Instead, the funds are electronically taken out of a checking account. This can be a one-time approval for a purchase. It can also be set up monthly to automatically pay for recurring bills. For example, utility bills, …

15 January 2021

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ACH payment strategy

Quick guide for an effective ACH payment strategy eCheck payment processing is an easy way for businesses to save time and money. At Payline, we offer this essentially as a value-added tool for our clients, where you can add an automatic clearing house (ACH) system to your account and still use all of the other …

01 April 2020

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Everything You Need To Know About ACH Processing Time

For just about any business to survive in today’s highly competitive, global marketplace, online payment systems are a must. Today, most businesses offer credit card payments as one option for purchases. But as convenient as credit cards may be for consumers, they’re not without their downsides for businesses. That is why man utilizing ACH (Automated …

27 June 2017

Anna Kragie

Where Do Old-School ACH Payment Methods Fit in the Hip Future of FinTech?

ACH payments are not a new concept, nor are they the sexiest trend in the rapidly-evolving FinTech ecosystem. Electronic checks have received a bad rap for not being innovative enough, but advancements and investments in the ACH payment network have taken this technology back to the forefront of many B2B payments discussions. Whether it be …

31 May 2017

Anna Kragie

4 Ways to Get Paid Faster at Your Business (With Options Like ACH Payment Technology)

There are two common goals all businesses can agree upon as being important to them: getting paid by their customers, and getting paid quickly. One way to achieve those goals? Embrace the world of ACH payment technology. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and only one of many ways your business can get paid …

05 May 2017

Anna Kragie

Is it Time to Move Toward Electronic Invoicing and Embrace ACH Payment Solutions?

There are probably two concepts every business can get behind: ditching paper checks and getting paid faster. Two methods to get there? E-Invoicing and ACH payment solutions. Of course, ditching paper for e-invoicing sounds simpler in theory than it is in concept. Because many business leaders fear that trading in a paper system for an …