Written by Guest Writer: Lindsey Patterson

You only get paid if the customers pay on time and consistently. This means making sure you have a strong payment collection system. The better your customers’ experience is, the more money you make. Make it easier for people to pay for your products and services using these tips.


1. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments have taken a long time to catch on in the United States. Only 3% of cards in the United States were contactless in 2018, compared to 64% in the United Kingdom and a staggering 90% of Australians.


Customers may pay by waving their card or gadget over the POS system, and the transaction is completed wirelessly. Customers don’t need to enter a PIN or sign anything making payments easy, reliable, and germ-free. 


Customers are starting to get contactless cards from companies including Visa and Mastercard and can use their mobile devices, which facilitate contactless payments. This will make paying for your Utah tree removal service convenient. 


It’s much easier than it seems to offer consumers contactless payments. The first step is to install a near-field communication (NFC) reader on your equipment. You may also need to update your POS software, depending on your current setup.


2. Credit and Debit Cards

Customers choose to pay with a debit or credit card 75% of the time, whether they’re paying online or in person. The method you use to receive these payments is largely determined by the type of company you operate.


If you have a physical store, you will require a card reader and merchant account to collect payments. A merchant account is a type of bank account that enables companies to accept payments in a variety of ways.


If you’re accepting payments through your e-commerce website you will also need a payment gateway to accept cards. Any details submitted on your payment page are encrypted by a payment gateway. This guarantees the security of confidential customer information.


It’s important to remember that if you accept online purchases, it’s your responsibility to keep sensitive customer details secure. As a result, make sure you select a PCI (credit card industry) compliant payment gateway.


3.ACH Transactions

Another common payment method is ACH processing. Customers will send you their bank account and routing numbers for electronic payment, which is monitored by the National Automated Clearing House Association. This is particularly useful for recurring payments and subscriptions.


There are a number of benefits to using ACH processing. ACH fees are typically lower than credit or debit card fees. It’s much safer than making customers write you a monthly check.


4. Online Payment Services

Online payments are an easy and effective way to bill and collect payments from your customers. It has even become a common method of payment for in-person purchases. 


If you’re a web developer looking to facilitate payments on behalf of your clients, or a business owner looking for complete customization and control over accepting payments within your mobile apps and software, the Payline suite of developer-friendly APIs was designed for you. 


You can Integrate seamlessly with every online shopping cart, existing or new POS network. To key cards in, send invoices, and safely encrypt and store data for recurring billing, use a virtual terminal.


With a range of shopping options, you can cut costs and simplify in-store payment processing. Choose from a variety of stable countertop terminals and portable point-of-sale systems to help you grow your company and upgrade your operations.


5. Recurring Billing

Customers hate having to keep track of various due dates when it comes to paying bills, according to 35% of them. Some buyers, on the other hand, are wary of ACH payments and refuse to allow you access to their bank account details to collect payments.


That’s why offering your customers the option of signing up for a monthly billing plan is a smart idea. Customers may use their credit or debit cards to set up automatic monthly payments. This means that you are paid on time, and it makes your customers’ lives easier.


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