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29 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

Credit card processing for cannabis

As you most likely know, finding credit card processing for cannabis is tricky. Sure, there are some alternative methods on the market, but not truly credit cards. Payline now resells a solution that has worked with a tier-one bank and the major card brands to collaborate on a complaint and sustainable solution. Why is credit …

28 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

7 Fortunate ways to prevent credit card fraud in 2022

Credit card fraud has been on the increase for the past years because people want to buy things online instead of going physically to get them. Fraudsters know that people will always give their credit card information online and that is why credit card fraud is prevalent. However, there are ways to prevent credit card …

16 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

How To Make Your Payment Processor Work Better for You

When you own a business, there are numerous things to check off your list before successfully running a company. There are a variety of guidelines and notes helping you with your inventory and loans. Remember, no matter if your store is online or brick-and-mortar, finding a way for customers to buy and check out your …

08 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

All You Need to Know About Chargeback Management

A chargeback is a refund processed by a card issuer for a customer who has disputed a transaction on their credit or debit card statement. How does a Chargeback Work? If a cardholder contacts their issuer to dispute a transaction, the issuer will initiate a chargeback against the merchant. The issuer will then reverse the …

08 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

All You Need to Know About Surcharging

What is surcharging? A surcharge is an additional fee that a business may charge to its customers. The fee is typically added to the customer’s bill at the time of purchase. Surcharges are sometimes also called service charges, convenience fees, or processing fees. This practice is becoming commonplace among businesses in many industries, including retail, …

02 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

5 Tips for Paying Your Loans Faster

It’s important to pay loans off in a timely manner, both so that you don’t have to spend years or decades paying them off and so that interest has less time to build up. However, it can be relatively difficult to figure out how to do so. Here are five tips for paying your loans …

22 May 2022

Colin Driscoll

How To Improve Your Credit Card Security

Guarding your credit card information may sound daunting but you have the power to protect your finances. Maintaining financial account security is paramount for making flexible purchases and covering unexpected costs. Any breach can be a threat to your planned payments. Consider several easy ways to increase your credit card security and prevent disruptions to …

18 May 2022

Colin Driscoll

Online Transactions- How to protect your privacy                                               

The ability to make online purchases is one huge benefit of internet-based shopping. You can make online transactions from your home at 3 AM in your ratty pajamas without anyone being the wiser. The convenience is unmatched. That said, protecting your sensitive information, such as credit card and bank account numbers, is essential. There are …

06 May 2022

Andy Roth

Pin Number- 4 Tips to Keep it Safe From Hackers

More technologically dominant items in this world are requiring a code to use them, such as your ATM card or your cell phone. Choosing a password for these devices can be a challenge, especially if you have trouble remembering things. However, you must have a secure set of numbers that can be difficult for a …

03 May 2022

Colin Driscoll

A Guide to Integrated Payment Processing

Today, about 76% of U.S. adults shop online. Whether your store is on or offline, it’s essential to have software to take payments. Integrated payments are the idea of combining your payments with software. Some common examples of this are a POS system or an EHR system. What does not having payment processing entail for …