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08 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

Medical Billing with Payline

Medical billing can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. This article will show how effective payment processing can streamline the medical billing process. Additionally, this article will explain what criteria you should look for in a payment processor and how Payline can easily assist your practice.  How can a Payment Processor assist with Medical Billing? …

15 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

The Benefits of Integration With EHR

If you own or run a medical practice, then EHR software can be an incredible tool for you. Here are the benefits of integration with EHR. The Benefits of EHR Integration Patient engagement increased 42 percent when hospitals issued personal health records to patients. Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, allow healthcare facilities and doctors to …

16 April 2021

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Medical Office Credit Card Processing

While the cost of running a medical office steadily increases year after year, insurance reimbursements continue to decline. Healthcare providers strive to provide the best patient care possible while managing staff and all the expenses associated with running a busy practice. You diagnose, treat, and counsel; then, to keep up with regulatory requirements, you meticulously …

09 April 2021

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Merchant and Medical

Merchant and medical payment processing options for healthcare providers make it easy for patients at clinics, hospitals, and community centers to obtain the level of care that they need. No matter how your patients choose to pay, you can ensure that they will do so in a safe manner. This article will explain how medical …

01 April 2021

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6 Ways to Reduce Paper in Your Medical Practice

Written by Guest Writer: Lindsey Patterson When you run a medical practice you can end up with an overwhelming amount of paper, which not only leads to a higher risk of HIPAA violations but can also be difficult to store and dispose of. Reducing the amount of paper you produce helps decrease your environmental footprint …

28 August 2017

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How to Accept Credit Cards at Your Medical Practice and Save Money

As a cost-conscious medical professional, you’ve done the math time and again only to come to the same conclusion that it’s too expensive to attempt to minimize processing costs at your medical practice.  Credit card fees seem astronomical and new equipment or software comes at a cost. But, did you know that there are far greater …

28 July 2017

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How Healthcare Payment Processing Can Affect Your Medical Practice

With so many options in the marketplace, managing your healthcare payment processing needs can seem overwhelming for many medical professionals. Besides the top-notch medical care that your patients receive, it’s imperative (and responsible) to consider the ways in which healthcare payment processing can affect your medical practice in both how your patients are paying you …