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06 June 2022

Colin Driscoll

Alternatives to Stripe: A Quick Guide

Are you looking for a good integrated payment solution for your company that isn’t Stripe? Here are the best alternatives to Stripe. Imagine you set up Stripe, and you’re ready to open your new business. But you realize that the processor charges a lot of fees and just doesn’t meet your needs. Before you close …

21 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Card Processing Companies UK

Credit card companies or merchant service providers either supply aggregated or dedicated merchant account services. Aggregated merchant accounts will pool funds from different industries into one statement only to be refined while dedicated merchant accounts are chartered for your funds only. The best credit card processing companies UK are the following: Worldpay Worldpay is the …

21 November 2021

Colin Driscoll

Credit Card Processing Australia

Specific types of businesses, such as diners, grocery stores, and commercial shops, had even higher expectations. That being said, we cannot just ignore the changes but adapt to them. This is precisely why we made this guide on credit card processing for you for processing credit cards in Australia. As today’s markets get increasingly digital, …

26 October 2021

Andy Roth

Payline Login

Hello World, As we make updates to our website, we want to ensure that you have access to your applicable log in areas. Payline Login Gateway Login LINK My Merchant Data LINK Login LINK NMI Login LINK CardPointe Login LINK Thank you for being a valued client of Payline.

29 July 2021

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4 Tips to Make Your Business More Efficient and Productive

As a business owner, you have countless things to consider and deal with each day. Your services and products have to be top-notch, high-quality, and delivered on time, and you have to ensure your employees are happy in their roles. The weight of day-to-day operations can be great. Even if you pay attention to as …

10 June 2021

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Working Anywhere? Use the Right Headphones

Jabra is the only company developing consumer, professional, and medical-grade sound devices and headphones under one roof. In March of 2020, the world suddenly stood still as the effects of Covid-19 spread across the globe. Schools, churches, offices, and public spaces went silent as the number of critically ill patients overwhelmed healthcare systems. Health authorities …

01 April 2021

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6 Ways to Reduce Paper in Your Medical Practice

Written by Guest Writer: Lindsey Patterson When you run a medical practice you can end up with an overwhelming amount of paper, which not only leads to a higher risk of HIPAA violations but can also be difficult to store and dispose of. Reducing the amount of paper you produce helps decrease your environmental footprint …

26 March 2021

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What is

In today’s rapidly expanding online marketplace, one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make is how to streamline and secure the payment transaction process. Especially if your margins are tight, it’s critical to keep your cash flowing back into your business. helps simplify accepting electronic and credit card payments in …

01 March 2021

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Pagination: Developer Terminology

Overview For the last three decades ecommerce has become increasingly popular. These savvy shoppers appreciate the ease of comparing prices and product features from the comfort of their own homes. Since the early months of 2020 however, we have experienced a meteoric rise in the number of industries that have shifted to providing goods and …

11 February 2021

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QuickBooks Credit Card Processing 

QuickBooks is a reputable accounting brand that includes accounting software, credit card processing, and point of sale software. All three aspects of QuickBooks services aim to automate the accounting process for small businesses and enterprises. Using QuickBooks credit card processing software is useful for businesses like general contractors, consultants, and other service based businesses. Business …