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Credit card companies or merchant service providers either supply aggregated or dedicated merchant account services. Aggregated merchant accounts will pool funds from different industries into one statement only to be refined while dedicated merchant accounts are chartered for your funds only. The best credit card processing companies UK are the following:


Worldpay is the leading payment provider in the UK that processes around 42% of transactions in the country. They are trader service providers for scalability. They offer over 300 various payment methods, including online payments, phone payments, and card payments. In terms of their cost, transaction fees will only cost your business 2.75% in every transaction plus 0.20 Euros or you can also choose to pay 19 Euros every month. The good thing about them is no charge to process refunds, no setup fees, or charges for accepting payment in foreign currencies. They are good for minor businesses that will need predictable cash flows with their easy-to-understand process and clear pricing. They also have 24/7 excellent customer support to help those businesses who are less technologically savvy.


PayPal is a prominent alternative for minor businesses that are gaping for reasonable card payment processing. They offer pay-as-you-go rates and they also accept multiple currencies payments. PayPal is also an all-in-one provider that offers merchant account, payment gateway, POS, and virtual terminal services. They are the decent dealer service provider for worldwide expenditures and usually, they process a transaction in 3 to 5 days. Card terminal fees are 1 to 2.75% and their payment gateway fees are 3.4% plus a fixed fee.


SumUp is a credit card processor for small and startups business payments. Setting this expenditure provider is simply easy. You only need to download the SumUp app using your mobile phone and wait for you to obtain its portable card reader. It also gives actual terminal and fee gateway services through its e-commerce offering. Businesses can use this app for small invoice payments. They are a decent trader service provider for next-day deposits.


Square provides businesses with modern POS systems and end-to-end payment processing. They are the nicest merchant service provider for portable payments. This is useful for merchandisers as you will have a POS and merchant service in one provider. Small businesses at the same time can scale and create a payment system that is in connection with their needs.


Barclaycard is a decent trader service provider for brand understanding. Some of the advantages of using Barclaycard are the availability of a span of card readers, scalable solutions that will thrive with your industry, and availability of pay-as-you-go and contracts. They offer contracts for 18 months and hire card readers for a fee per month that ranges from 24 to 45 Euros. Their transaction fees will depend on the value and volume of various transactions you take.


Paymentsense is one of the best seller fund providers in the UK for customer service. They offer a full-scale point sale system and on your behalf, they can negotiate reasonable rates with trader account providers. In addition to their actual terminal services and payment gateways, they also offer industries a span of card machines.


Stripe offers an integrated expenditure gateway or hosted fee gateway and you can expand features to your package like local payment methods and additional security layers. They are the dealer service provider for online expenditures. They also facilitate physical card payments and offer two card readers, one reader is from Verifone that is good for countertop setup, and the other one is from BBPOS which is best for businesses that require a lite payment solution.


Instabill is a minor US-based dealer provider that facilitates high-risk businesses to start taking payments. They partner with dealer account providers in your own country for them to negotiate with the decent processing payments and allow businesses to have payments using their platforms. They invite businesses that operate like in online gambling, the dating industry, and any high-risk industry.

If you are just starting your business, utilize a credit card processor that will not link you into a contract. Different credit card companies in the UK offer different services, packages, and low fees. Choose the one that can be trusted with your credit card details, business information, and even bank details as this information is confidential.

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