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11 November 2022

Colin Driscoll

How to Successfully Sell Your Items to Increase Online Sales

Online sales have been and remain a promising way to promote products. This was especially affected by the pandemic, due to which most people began to buy more and more products for various purposes on online platforms. So, in 2020 in the US alone, online sales grew by 44%. But everything is not as simple …

11 October 2022

Colin Driscoll

Shopify Login and Payment Gateway Help

Shopify is an amazing online tool for your business to use. If you are having difficulties with your Shopify Login, this article will help. A third-party processor can also help your business make the most of your Shopify experience by offering you additional functionalities that Shopify does not.  What is the Shopify Login Process? The …

05 September 2022

Colin Driscoll

The main rules to follow to take online payments safely

Over the last several years we have been seeing a huge increase in non-cash payments and online payments in general – it is way more convenient for people, it saves time, it helps with buying from any location and not sticking to a certain city that you live in. However, online payments are less safe …

19 August 2022

Colin Driscoll

Recurring Payments and Processing Options

This article will discuss the benefits of recurring payments to your business. Additionally, this article will discuss what requirements a payment processor must meet in order to allow your business to process recurring transactions. Finally, this article will evaluate several options, including Paypal, Square, Stripe, and Payline.  Benefits of Recurring Payments Recurring payments offer your …

20 July 2022

Colin Driscoll

eBay UK and Payment Processing Needs

This article will review the requirements a payment processor needs to meet for your business to sell effectively on eBay UK. These requirements include processing foreign payments, security, integrations, and allowing different payment methods. Finally, this article will review several other payment processors that can fulfill the needs of your business.  Ecommerce Payment Processing Requirements …

18 July 2022

Colin Driscoll

How To Automate A Business? 5 Tips For Your Online Store 

Expanding your e-commerce enterprise comes in a variety of ways. You may explore new specialized items, employ influencers as brand advocates, or start a new advertising campaign. You still have a long way ahead of you if you haven’t already employed any of these tactics. This article will help explain how to automate your online store. …

03 January 2022

Colin Driscoll

What is Shop Pay

What if there was one thing that could help you gain more sales, especially repeat sales? Sounds too good to be true, right? If you are using Shopify, adding Shop Pay as a payment option allows users to have a fast checkout process, increase sales, and improve repeat sales. So, what is Shop Pay? Previously …

13 December 2021

Colin Driscoll

How to accept credit cards online

Despite the introduction of new payment methods, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, credit cards remain the most popular mode of payment in most countries. A business owner must have a method of accepting credit card payments for their products or services. Fortunately, accepting credit cards is simple in today’s environment, and you have various alternatives …

13 December 2021

Colin Driscoll

Card Not Present Transactions: What You Need to Know

Card-not-present transactions are a form of payment where the cardholder is not physically present when completing the transaction. This payment type is popular with online retailers, including for high ticket business types. Most card-not-present transactions are made on an online platform, which means that the buyer sends their credit card information to the retailer through …

15 November 2021

Andy Roth

Afterpay Login

AfterPay has become one of most trusted and well-known BNPL platforms. They offer a unique service to their customers, which helps keep them on the side of thousands of retailers. As the Buy Now Pay Later services become more main stream, and a bit saturated depending on who you speak to, Afterpay was able to …