Your Shippo login gives you access to all the features that are offered through this multi-carrier shipping software. If you operate an e-commerce business, you’re likely to have clients in several different countries. You want to provide each of those customers with the delivery solution that is best suited to their needs. Your Shippo login helps you to manage all of that activity in one place, via an intuitive platform.

What is Shippo?

Shippo is a software company that helps online businesses and other platforms to integrate a variety of shipping carriers. Shippo has several plans, including a free Starter plan that allows you to only pay the cost of postage. If you’re selling taco seasoning in New York and need to reach customers in Thailand or if you’re in Florida and want to deliver homemade jams to customers in Mexico, Shippo has a plan that makes it easy to ensure your customers get their goods on time.

Shippo Login

Your Shippo login consists of your email address and your password. To use your Shippo login, you’ll need to access the login page from your mobile device or your PC. Enter you email and password in the spaces provided and click the Shippo login button, in green.

If you’ve forgotten your Shippo login password, you can click the Reset option to have a link sent to you that allows you to change your password. This link will be sent to the email address that you entered while creating your original Shippo login.

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Does Shippo work with popular platforms?

If you’re a blogger or have built a website on Wix and want to sell a product from that site, you can use Shippo for your delivery. Shipp can work with Wix, regardless of the type of plan that you have. You can either connect to Wix from Shippo or connect to Shippo while you are logged in to your Wix account. Shippo will automatically update Wix with your shipment tracking number.

You can also connect GoDaddy to Shippo. You can do so with any store that is already published or live, if you have had at least one order. If you have several GoDaddy stores, you can only connect one to your Shippo account. This currently only works with GoDaddy stores that are registered in the United States.

Shippo Allows You to Sync Sales Channels

You can sync all of your sales channels with Shippo. Several people who have businesses online sell from several different portals, in order to reach a wider customer base. No matter what type of platform you use to reach your customers, you can monitor your deliveries from Shippo, getting information on deliveries that are linked to all the sites that you’re interested in tracking. This also makes it easier to compare the performance. Whether it be different sites, notice trends in terms of the preferred mode of delivery for a particular region or platform, or the number of deliveries that take place on a given day across different sites.

Delivery Estimates

Your Shippo login gives you valuable analytics that benefit both you and your customers. With Shippo, you’ll always have an estimate of when your customers will receive their packages. This allows you to give them information that they can use to plan for their purchases and make sure someone is there to receive their delivery.

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Shippo Prints Your Shipping Labels

Once you use your Shippo login to access all of its features, you can easily print labels for all of your products you need to deliver around the world. Shippo helps you to ensure that every package that you send out looks professional and has a label that complements your brand.

You can save time on creating labels, since Shippo helps you to save information on your preferences and history. This way, you don’t have to keep on typing in the same information over and over. It also has several different kinds of packing slips, so you can choose the ones that best match the way you like to work.

Shippo Keeps Customers informed

Shippo lets you send notification emails to your customers to keep them aware of when they can expect their order. Using Shippo’s features, you can adjust these emails to match your unique preferences, so every email has a look and style that is unique to your brand.

Exclusive Discounts

Shippo members can access exclusive discounts wit major carriers every time they use their Shippo login. Just enter the site and place an order via the platform to get better prices on shipping services with major carriers such as:

  1. DHL
  2. United States Postal Service
  3. UPS
  4. FedEx

Any of these discounts help you to save over 80% on the cost of shipping. With these low prices, you can respond more quickly to the customers who need products in a flash or pass on savings to customers during special discount days that you organize from your end. The discounts offered through Shippo result in some of the lowest prices available for shipping, positively impacting your profitability.

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Compare Rates Instantly

You will always be able to compare rate in real time when you use Shippo. If there are any changes in the prices of your preferred shippers, you’ll know immediately and be able to adjust accordingly to benefit from them. You will always be aware of sales and other promotions that deliver price-saving benefits to you.

Track Your Packages

With Shippo, you can track all of your packages from the moment you send them out to the moment they are delivered to your customers. You’ll always know when your customers got your orders. Also, you will be quick to respond if there are any delivery problems with any of your valued clients. Shippo gives you the information that you need to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Customized Tracking Pages

You can customize your tracking pages with Shippo. When your customers want to find out where their package is, they won’t go to a generic page. Instead, the page that they arrive at will remind them of all the positive experiences that they have come to associate with your brand. You can modify its elements so that the tracking page customers visit reflects your story.

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