You ignored the naysayers and started small; with a little bit of cash and a big idea. Sales grew slowly, $10 here and $20 there, but you made it your mission to provide the best possible customer experience regardless of the size of the transaction. Word travels fast and before you knew it sales were over $100,000 a month. You’d think that your credit card processing partner would be thrilled that you now have a high-volume merchant account. Instead, they’ve become chilly and there are new transaction delays. Now, it is time to find a high-volume solution for credit card processing. 

Certain payment processors will set up a high-volume merchant account for your business, but they often set a volume cap and a transaction limit. These restrictions will be based on the amount of risk they believe your business will generate, and then the bank will do whatever it takes to mitigate their own risk. One unusually large transaction, a cyclical sales surge, or higher-than-average grand totals, can cause the bank to review your transactions and place your funds on hold. They may even suspend your account altogether. With high volume comes high risk. 

Are all High-Volume Merchant Accounts Considered High Risk?

The short answer is no. If the transactions are in person, the risk is minimized. However, anytime there is a large amount of transactions/volume, and they are card-not-present transactions, there is more risk involved.

With nearly $900 billion spent online in the U.S. in 2020, the world of eCommerce is now the hunting ground for scammers and identity thieves. Cybercriminals can set up fraudulent accounts and make massive retail and online purchases before the victim even realizes that their card is missing. When a shrewd retailer sees the red flags and seizes the card, the thief just switches to another stolen credit card and starts the process all over again.

High-volume merchant accounts are considered high risk by even the best-known payment processors, and many won’t even consider your application. Some of the reasons are:

  • Unpredictable Spikes in Transactions: If you offer a special or introduce a new product and generate more transactions than usual, your payment processor might not be capable of handling them. If they don’t have the funds, you don’t get paid.
  • Fraud and Chargebacks: The higher your sales are, the higher your chargeback rate will be. Chargeback rates rise, your payment processor bails, and you’re left holding the bag. An empty bag. No money, no product, and no real recourse. Choose a company that is experienced in recognizing and minimizing risk. Payline will take the time to teach you how to spot a scam and minimize the amount of revenue lost to fraud.

Why do You Need a Reliable High-Volume Merchant Account?

A business that handles thousands of sales a month and high-ticket transactions needs reliable, high-volume transaction processing capability. As your brand continues to grow, you need to be sure that the payment processor you select can process sales and payments as promised. Pick a company that understands your industry and be prepared to discuss your current and projected sales to find a high-volume solution for credit card processing. 

Your high-volume business needs the best available security and less exposure to risk. Certify every transaction by implementing a customer verification process. Account verification protects your business from chargebacks. A consumer can’t successfully dispute a charge when they’re on record verifying their purchase.

What Kind of High-Volume, High-Risk Merchant does Payline Support?

  1. Adult Entertainment
  2. Auto Parts & Accessories
  3. Collections
  4. Credit Repair
  5. Diet & Weight Loss Programs
  6. E-cigs/Vapes/Tobacco
  7. Extended Warranties
  8. Fantasy Sports
  9. Financial Services
  10. Firearms, Ammo, & Accessories
  11. Free Trials, Multi-Level Marketing
  12. Nutraceuticals/Herbal Supplements
  13. Online Furniture Sales
  14. Online Gaming & Casinos
  15. Precious Metals, Coins
  16. Self-Storage
  17. Vacation/Travel/Flights

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Does High Volume Mean a High Price?

At Payline, a high volume does not mean high prices. We customize pricing plans for high-volume merchant accounts looking to find a high-volume solution for credit card processing. . We are dedicated to providing you with the lowest prices, and with easy-to-navigate software that handles Invoicing, Recurring Billing, ACH payments, and a dedicated Payments Page. Easy plugins connect to existing P-O-S systems, Shopping Carts, Quickbooks, and the credit/debit card reader of your choice.

What Does the Competition Offer?

Typically, credit card processors use a tiered pricing structure that works like this. The provider groups certain credit card types in tiers and charges all cards in a given tier at the rate of the most expensive card in that group. With Interchange-plus pricing, Payline processes all credit cards at their interchange rate with an additional, disclosed markup on each card. This more transparent payment structure also called “cost-plus” or “pass-thru” charges the fees assessed by credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard and adds the industry’s lowest fixed markup of 15 cents per transaction. 

What Rates Does Payline Offer for High Volume Solutions?

Your first month with Payline is FREE. No risk, no upfront fees, no hidden fees, and no cancelation fees. Visit our easy-to-use Monthly Cost calculator and answer three simple questions to estimate your monthly cost savings. Your monthly fee will appear at the bottom of the calculator. Then contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff members to learn more.

How do I Apply for a Payline High-Volume Account?

A high-volume merchant account allows you to focus more on your business and less on processing high-risk transactions. The process for approving a high-volume merchant account may take a little time, so be patient. You will need to submit some standard personal information such as your name, mailing address, Social Security number, and a tax ID if you have one. You’ll need to show a current, government-issued ID and your business banking information. If you haven’t been in business for very long you may also be required to give your personal banking information.

Whether you own a food truck that processes hundreds of small transactions per day or a builder that accepts large lump-sum transactions each month, Payline will give you access to our diverse portfolio of partners to help you find the perfect bank. Building a relationship with a bank that understands your business and the industry increases your chances for success.

Show us your website and any social media presence that your brand has built so we can begin to understand your products and/or services. And be prepared to share your strategy for meeting your goals. Banks can then assess your business risk factors and offer a plan for how they will choose to mitigate them. This may start with a monthly maximum or an alternate account in case something unforeseen happens. Fortunately, with the right bank, you will not have to deal with any restrictions for long. The better they know you, the more flexibility you will get. Talk to a Payline payment expert to learn more.


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