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How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

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It’s obvious that business owners in the eCommerce space need to know how to accept credit card payments online, but many business types – including retail brick-and-mortar – can use online credit card processing to meet their business needs. Payline has provided the answers to your frequently asked questions below on how to accept credit card payments in order to see business success. …

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Payline Continues Positive Impact With Update of Payline Giving Program

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Today marks the beginning of our new Payline Giving program, and we are excited to share about how Payline plans to continue working toward bringing a positive impact to our communities. While giving back has always been at the core of what we do at Payline, these changes will better serve our mission of Passion, Purpose, and Positive Impact.   …


Importance of Email Marketing for Your Business

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Keeping your customers updated with your business is an important factor in marketing and vital for growth. Whether your business is online, brick-and-mortar or both, email lists are an important tool for keeping your customers in the loop with whatever you have going on at your business. Payline merchants strive for success in business, growth, and customer loyalty. Email marketing …

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Tips for Balancing a Career with Your Passion

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Balancing a full-time career with your passion can be difficult at times but it’s surely not impossible. What about feeding your creative and entrepreneurial spirit? Running your own small business is something that many people currently juggle with a full-time career.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed and consumed with your day job, you have to find the appropriate balance between your …

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You Can Accept Credit Cards at Your Business and Still Save Money

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As a business owner who only accepts cash, you’ve done the math time and again only to come to the same conclusion: “It’s too expensive for my small business to accept credit cards.”  Credit card fees seem astronomical and equipment comes at a cost, but there are far greater benefits to your business than there are disadvantages if you start to …


Transform Your Workspace in an Afternoon

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Payline is happily settled into a new office space and our team is motivated, organized and already on the way to crushing our 2017 goals. While a new space might not be in the cards for your business, here are some simple tips to help you set up a workstation that will get you organized to feel happy and productive in …

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Merchant Credit Card Processing and Credit Card Surcharges

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Communication is something that is an essential that all people need in order for clarity in business transactions. Retailers that use merchant credit card processing in New York and nine other states are currently in a legal battle with the United States Supreme Court about mentioning credit card “swipe fees” to their customers while making an in-store purchase.   The …

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High Risk Credit Card Processing and the Path to Success

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Are you looking for exceptional service to lead your business on the path of success? Payline has the ability to work with a wide variety of business types, from standard risk businesses to merchants in need of high risk credit card processing. For businesses that have been labeled “high risk”, Payline offers retail, online, and mobile processing solutions for hard-to-place merchants. Choose …