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How Accepting ACH Payment Can Benefit Your Business and Customers

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Businesses are accustomed to accepting payments three ways: check, cash, and credit or debit card. Most businesses are overlooking the benefit of another rapidly-growing option: ACH payment, a form of electronic check payment where a business charges a bank account directly.   ACH payments are gaining popularity across the financial services industry as more attention has been given toward advancing …

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IBM and Visa to Collaborate on How to Accept Credit Cards

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IBM and Visa have partnered to change the way businesses with smart devices can accept credit cards. The partnership between both brands was announced last week in Munich. The Internet of Things (IoT), a constantly expanding network of physical objects that include an IP address for internet connectivity, will be leveraged in this collaboration for commerce purposes. This initiative between Visa …


LinkedIn Wants to Help Grow Your Business – Take Advantage.

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Being on social media – professional or personal – is all about connections, and connections are a key to professional success. LinkedIn is somewhat of the Facebook of the professional sector – you’d be hard-pressed to find any business that doesn’t use it. Unlike Payline, some businesses may not be using it enough. If you’re a business that doesn’t, it’s time …


Effective Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace | Payline

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Physical behavior can often convey more information from a person than verbal communication in a business setting. At Payline, we recognize how imperative it is for business owners to get their message across to customers and employees in an effective and confident manner. According to Darlene Price, author of Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results, “How we say …

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The Security of Biometrics Enables Safer Mobile Payments

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With their constant evolution, mobile payments are on the fast track to becoming a necessity akin to breathing. The instant gratification factor of finishing your payment by the touch of a button or fingertip is pretty hard for the consumer to resist, and businesses from all industry types have taken notice. Nothing, however, comes without risks, and security is still …

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Customer-Centric Credit Card Payment Processing — Minus the Risk

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There is a common debate among payments experts about solutions that improve the efficiency of credit card payment processing: is it always better to be fast, and is being fast always better?   Of course, in theory, faster is better. Unless the software used to integrate your credit card payment processing is focused on simply being faster, instead of better. …

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Generation Y and the Use of Mobile Payment Systems

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The use of mobile wallets is on the rise as mobile devices have become the first choice for older millennials (ages 25-34) to make purchases for products and services. According to PYMNTS, these older millennials, also known as “Generation Y”, are the demographic that utilizes their mobile payment systems more than any other group of consumers. Here are three reasons why older …


Healthy Alternatives to Office Chairs

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Everyone wants a sturdy, comfortable chair to sit in while they work the day away, but did you know that even the most comfortable chair may still be detrimental to your health? It’s common knowledge at Payline that staying active regularly, particularly during work hours, is an important part of daily routine to maintain a healthy constitution. Despite this, it’s …

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Improve Your Online Payment Processing and Reduce Customer Churn

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There’s two key factors that have a major impact on your business’ bottom line: efficient online payment processing and retaining customers.   While those two may not seem inherently connected, when you dig into the nitty-gritty of what makes for successful online payment processing, it becomes quite easy to understand why there’s a direct correlation with payments and keeping your …

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Accepting Credit Cards and the Benefits of a Cashless Society

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Payline knows that in this day and age, accepting credit cards or payments via mobile app is becoming a more common and preferred method of payment over physical cash. The practice of businesses accepting credit cards exclusively may become more than just the tendency of consumers, but rather the sole way of processing payments by businesses.   Currently, cash still …