QuickBooks and Payline: An Effective Payment Solution for Your Business 

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When you think of software designed to help run your small business, QuickBooks might be the first name that pops into your head. And for good reason. QuickBooks Desktop or its online platform is embraced by more than 5.6 million businesses globally. So the chances are pretty high for your new or existing employees to have strong familiarity. 

One of the reasons for the popularity of the QuickBooks Desktop or Online version, is that its software is widely regarded as easy to use and learn while providing businesses with innovative features and functionality in one affordable package. 

QuickBooks has fashioned one of the most expansive ecosystems in the industry today. How does that translate for your business? It means that the company has forged partnerships with hundreds of other software developers whose applications mesh seamlessly with QuickBooks. And for payment solutions, Payline offers businesses many advantages that are definitely worth investigating. 

What Are the Benefits of Integration With QuickBooks? 

When we speak about ecosystems, that reference simply points to how QuickBooks encourages the development of software applications that automate essential processes for business operations. The QuickBooks solution provides a broad range of functions that perform capably. However, specialized applications target these individual functions within QuickBooks and render the processes even more effective for daily business tasks. 

Thus, not only can you rely on the world’s most popular business software to save time and money but you can also choose to supercharge business processes by selecting among hundreds of applications such as Payline that work effortlessly with QuickBooks.


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Four Ways Integration With Positively Impacts Your Business 

When you offer goods or services for sale, it goes without saying that you’ll want to securely receive payments through as many channels as possible. QuickBooks offers a viable processing software within its platform, but it also offers a way for businesses to explore more customized options.


Expense is one of the main criteria you’ll want to examine when deciding which payment solution works best for your business. Since it’s safe to assume that you’ll receive numerous payments via the credit card route, analyzing cost per transaction will help determine the impact that various payment processors will have on your bottom line. Because providers like Payline specialize in payment solutions, its focused solution may be able to reduce the monthly processing fees you currently incur by up to 1 percent per transaction. Payline’s ‘Interchange Plus‘ pricing model allows you to pay the true cost of the card being used, as opposed to an erroneous flat rate.


QuickBooks does so many things well, yet its core strength does not stem from its capability as a credit card processing specialist. You’ll get what you need from QuickBooks in terms of a basic processing solution but to take things to the next level, Payline performs some functions above and beyond the standard-level payment platform. Payline allows you to run payments in batches, scan checks, and pay vendors—features that surpass the basic tasks that QuickBooks allows your users to perform. 

Data flow.

The complexity of your business necessitates that the more you can streamline business processes, the easier it will be to track and utilize data that is vital to your profitability. Recording and analyzing payment data and the associated costs of transactions will help you gauge whether your business is meeting its financial goals. Once again, any payment data captured within solutions like Payline flows directly to your accounting systems. This eliminates the need for manual entry so you can get a better look at revenue from both a gross and net perspective. 


If you’re using an outside credit card payment processor that does not integrate with QuickBooks, you’ll need to venture outside the program to get detailed reports on volume, payments, and associated fees. This is yet another step in an otherwise busy day that can cause accounting or bookkeeping personnel to work less efficiently. On the other side of the equation, by summoning customized reports with integrated apps like Payline, you won’t have to venture away from the QuickBooks interface, saving you steps and time that can be better allocated toward more productive pursuits. 


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Next Steps to QuickBooks Integration 

It’s easy to take the plunge into QuickBooks Desktop or Online integrations with solutions like Payline. Within the popular accounting software program, you’ll typically find a page that lists all the software that seamlessly works with QuickBooks. From there, finding a more budget-friendly and feature-rich credit card processing platform is just a few clicks away.


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