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Payline easily connects with your QuickBooks Desktop or Online account, adding multiple payment functionalities and data syncing, all while saving you time and money.


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Our two-way QuickBooks integration is unique to Payline. Many other integrated applications operate one-way (only to be used for importing payment data). With Payline, you get a fully-integrated solution with two-way payment capabilities. You can choose to process payments from your QuickBooks file or automatically sync outside payments in for easy reconciliation. You get a two-way solution without doing double the work.


You don’t have to use Intuit QuickBooks to accept payments with QuickBooks.


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Seamlessly integrated applications for processing and syncing payments, we’ve made it faster and easier to bring payments into your QuickBooks experience. We easily connect with your QuickBooks file, adding omni-channel payments functionality, all while saving you time and money.

Immediate ROI

  • Pay invoices or sales receipts with ACH or Credit Card.
  • Use for Accounts Payable and pay vendors via ACH.
  • Minimize your costs with Interchange Plus pricing and optimization. Maximize your savings when compared to the fixed-fees of Intuit.
  • Receive Next-day funding

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Use Batch Processing to run many payments for many customers with one-click.
  • Store customer payment info for use on future transactions with PCI Compliant tokenization.
  • Process transactions using any other platform feature and sync to QuickBooks automatically.

Streamline Your Process

  • Combine our Desktop integration with any of our other solutions, including recurring billing, mobile payments, hosted checkouts, and more!
  • Send Invoices from QuickBooks to Invoice Manager for online invoicing and customer payment capabilities.
  • Our sync tool means you can accept omni-channel payments with QuickBooks Desktop, all while leaving your desk behind.

Industry Leading Expertise

  • The ease of accessing our app from QuickBooks ensures seamless payment updates in real-time.
  • Manage your preferred level of control with manual or automatic sync.
  • Payments processed via API can be synced to QuickBooks. A must-have tool for ISVs, integrators, or Ecomm merchants.

Integration from Payline

Our QuickBooks integration is rich with features and maintained by a team of experts with a wealth of experience in payments and technology.

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Our integrated application provides a flexible, cost-saving way to invoice, process, and sync payments to QuickBooks Online. Reduce time-consuming billing, hassles of tedious reconciliations, and costly fixed-amount fees.

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Receive Payments in Multiple Ways

  • Key in credit card info to pay customer invoices and sales receipts
  • Send Invoices so customers to view and pay their invoice online via a secure email link.
  • Interchange Plus pricing and optimization minimize processing costs when compared to the fixed-price fee structure of Intuit.
  • Next-day funding

Reconcile Securely

  • Data pulled in from QuickBooks is up to date and payments are recorded in real-time and reconciles automatically.
  • Fetch API payments using sync – a must-have tool for ISVs, integrators, or e-comm clients looking to import payments from outside systems.
  • PCI-DSS tokenization technology stores customer payment info for future use without the risk

Are you a ProAdvisor, QuickBooks Integrator, or Consultant?

If you are a ProAdvisor, QuickBooks Integrator, or Consultant, we’re always seeking new opportunities to learn and develop secure payment functionality for the QuickBooks community and accounting industry. Have a need we’re not meeting? We want to hear from you. Looking for a way to monetize your QuickBooks expertise or earn revenue for your referrals? We’re seeking strategic partners.

What is the Difference between Payline’s Pricing and QuickBook’s Intuit?

Every merchant who processes credit cards should know about interchange; the mandatory fees charged by card-issuing banks. With Intuit’s Fixed-Price rates, the interchange cost and processor markup are blended together so that each type of transaction costs the exact same percentage and transaction fee, regardless of the actual interchange cost. With interchange plus, you pay the wholesale interchange cost + processor mark-up.

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