retail merchant services
Inside the Evolving Retail Merchant Services Ecosystem
August 27, 2018

Retail merchant services is an ever-changing market that is constantly being redefined. For businesses needing effective in-store payments strategies, learning how…

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payment processing technology
Payment Processing Tech and Retail are Getting an Augmented Reality Check
June 12, 2017

What compels the consumer experience? Payment processing technology, product variety, something else? There are several popular and accurate answers to this…

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Where Do Chatbots Fit in the Credit Card Processing Equation?
June 6, 2017

With FinTech innovations sweeping through the payments ecosystem at a rapid pace, traditional financial institutions and businesses alike are finding ways…

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retail payment systems
5 Reasons Retail Payment Processing is Not Apocalypse-Bound
May 23, 2017

It’s no secret to anyone, consumers or merchants, that the future of retail payment systems is largely online and mobile. The…

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nfc mobile payments
Three Letters that Remove Friction from the Mobile Payments Process
April 21, 2017

NFC mobile payments are making way for a frictionless society, but hurdles still remain. Sure, an addiction to mobile devices and…

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emv technology
Will EMV Technology to Accept Credit Cards Continue to Rise in 2017?
March 24, 2017

Between merchants and customers, there are so many different ways to take and make payments, but working with a payment processor…

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payment processor trends
Four Payment Processor Trends on the Rise in 2017
March 9, 2017

The payments industry is ever-changing and merchants are considering innovation when choosing an effective payment processor. Consumers and merchants are both embracing…

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restaurant payment systems
Pros and Cons of Restaurant Mobile Payment Systems
March 3, 2017

Ordering that daily cup of coffee has been made easier thanks to restaurant payment systems provided through brands like Starbucks and…

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accept credit cards without friction
Payments 101: How to Accept Credit Cards Without Causing Friction
December 19, 2016

Want to operate a smooth-running business? You’re going to need to know how to accept credit cards without friction and complexities….

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businesses accepting credit cards
EMV Still Making a Splash With Businesses That Accept Credit Cards
December 16, 2016

EMVCo announced tremendous growth this week in the number of contact and contactless card-present payments using EMV chips at businesses accepting credit…

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