The growth in eCommerce and the massive uptake of various brands have made it necessary to integrate all into a single device. The PAX A920 is a fantastic device that allows merchants to handle everything from all wallet operations to payments in foreign currency alongside VAT refund service. The PAX A920 terminal has managed to blend all of these and most importantly, you get transactions processed very swiftly.

What is the PAX A920 Terminal?

PAX A920 is a revolutionary terminal that fused elegance with ergonomics. It combines hordes of features of an Android tablet equipped with a robust POS payment terminal. And the best part, you get everything in a sleek and compact design. Here are some of the features that count:

  • Brilliant HD touch screen: With the 5-inch HD touchscreen, you can have lifelike pictures and a visually enticing operational experience.
  • Powerful battery: Behind the large HD screen is the high-capacity lithium-ion battery of 5250 mAh so that there’s no break to your business.
  • Dual camera: The high-quality camera allows fast scan along with mobile processing of QR code payment.
  • Offers remote support: The AirViewer allows you to control the POS terminals through the PAXSTORE cloud platform. As a result, helpdesk operators can easily respond and assist the merchant immediately.
  • Support for the visually impaired: The large touchscreen on the PAX A920 device makes it possible to include a payment feature that lets PIN entering on touchscreen displays for individuals with visual disabilities. PAX has collaborated with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to achieve this feat since October 2018.

Benefits of the PAX A920 Terminal

There are some awesome payment terminals across the globe, but not all work in all situations. For instance, desktop terminals are great when it comes to taking payments at the counter. But they may not show equal dexterity everywhere else. On the flip side, some payment terminals may work in your store or even a few steps away from the store. But it will not work anywhere farther than this.

Then comes the PAX A920 Terminal that comes loaded with 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capacities. This means you can use it wherever you want from the counter to conferences to just about anywhere. Since it comes with such varied usage, it serves as a smart payment option for businesses across industries. Here are some advantages proffered by PAX A920 Terminal.

1. Loads of applications

Quite similar to the Apple Store and the Android Play Store, the PAXSTORE is loaded with numerous downloadable applications that let you have complete control over your payments. You can access analytics, marketing, business managing, and also consumer loyalty applications on this platform.

This is one of the greatest advantages of having a smart payment terminal in your arsenal. With these apps, you can improve as well as customize the functionality of the instrument to serve your brand better.

2. Complete management from the terminal

For those business owners looking to manage their employees through a payment terminal, the PAX A920 is a great solution. With this terminal, you can manage everything from gratuities to time clocks, employee shifts, and a lot more. It also offers a loyalty program along with marketing initiatives that let you manage consumer data efficiently.

Are you looking to manage inventory on the mobile POS solution? You can do that too with the PAX A920 terminal. It is effortless as all you need to do is choose the terminal and bring it to the back room for counting inventory. As it is a POS system, you are free to add countless items to your database.

As this terminal provides real-time updates on all kinds of sales activity by location and product, it lets you manage your sale as well. In other words, this allows you to manage everything virtually from the terminal. And all these imply you are better able to manage your business.

3. Loads of built-in features

When looking for a smart payment terminal that can manage everything right out of the box, then the features of PAX A920 are tailor-crafted for you. Some of these features are thermal printers that lets you have email receipts instantly. There is also a built-in scanner endowed with a front-facing camera along with a rear camera for reading barcodes. Last but not the least, a built-in NFC and EMV reader allows you to take a broad range of payments securely. Needless to say, this is what online transactions are all about.

4. Manage discounts and surcharges

You can customize the A920 Point of Sale system for catering to your unique business needs and manage inventory along with discounts and surcharges. No matter whether you require to upgrade your existing software or you want to start everything from the start, the PAX A920 terminal will assist you all through.

It gives the business better control along with inventory management and cash discounts. As a component of retail cloud terminal software, business owners can add a surcharge or give cash discounts and concessions – all of these will be visible in the receipt. Most importantly, it lets manage the merchants’ inventory when a product or service is sold and the PAX A920 helps track inventory for multiple locations with the help of the retail cloud.

5. Good looks

While this is not something that business owners are looking for, you cannot deny that the PAX A920 can entice you with good looks. You get an HD color display in an expansive 5-inch touchscreen and a discreet thermal printer. The design is thoughtfully elegant which has left behind loads of credit card machines available today.

Final Thoughts

The PAX A920 is the first tablet mobile terminal in the world. For those looking to bridge the gap between the conventional payment terminals and the highly complicated POS system, the PAX A920 terminal is the one-stop solution. With this instrument, you can easily manage sales, engage with your audience, and accept various payment options, and print receipts. In other words, the PAX A920 is a beautiful device that can work wonders for your business.

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