Making Your Online Payment Processing Mobile-Friendly

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Every business knows they must accept payments online, which means they need an online payment processing solution. But what many businesses overlook, is how those solutions translate into mobile-friendly online payment processing.

A report from Internet Retailer indicates that one-third of all e-Commerce purchases are made on a mobile device, which alone is about $100 billion annually. The gap between the numbe ofr customers who pay online and pay via mobile is shrinking, in large part due to advancements in online payment processing solutions.

Regardless of if you’re talking about the B2B or B2C market, the opportunity to tap into the pool of people who desire easier online checkout solutions is ripe for the taking. From your business’ perspective, this starts with evaluating whether or not you have mobile-friendly online payment processing.


Optimizing Your Mobile-Friendly Online Payment Processing

Thinking mobile-friendly isn’t just for the benefit of your customers — it’s about enabling your online payment processing to be better by offering more secure, faster ways to pay online.

When thinking about how to make your online payment processing customer-friendly, you should think about solutions that reduce friction at checkout (such as PayPal’s two-click verification option), and still safeguards your payments. With today’s security developments (tokenization, multi-factor authentication, biometrics, etc.) online payment processing doesn’t have to be a clunky process.

When working with a payments partner like Payline, online payment processing can be simplified through the multitude of tools and features to take your businesses’ online payments to the next level. By making the process simpler for your business, your customers will reap the benefits, too.


Products To Streamline Your Mobile-Friendly Online Payment Processing

By using produces like Payline Connect, your eCommerce site and corresponding apps have a payment gateway with built-in security and fraud protection (with help from security software like Verifi and Ethoca). Not only is this tool PCI compliant, and can help you avoid unnecessary chargebacks, it can help on your logistics side — including payroll, accounting and business financials.

Instead of worrying about how your online payment processing is putting your business as risk, Payline enables you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.


Merging Online Payment Processing With Mobile Solutions

Payline also provides mobile-friendly online payment processing solutions that enable your business to accept, process and settle payments on your terms. With products like Payline Start and Payline Surge, your business is equipped to accept payments via a mobile device. From an online payment processing perspective, your business should always be thinking about where mobile fits into your overall payments strategy.

By relying on Payline as your payments solutions partner, you’ll be reassured that your online payment processing and mobile payment processing work better together — securely and seamlessly. Working with Payline provides you with products that work in sync across mobile, online and in-store, which makes worrying about payments processing one thing you can check off your to-do list.

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Anna Kragie is a content contributor for Payline Data. She previously wrote for, as a Sr. Content Producer, where she focused on financial services and payments innovation, fraud and security, emerging payments, and FinTech news, research and thought-leadership content across the payments industry.

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