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Not Sure Where to Start?

Most business owners understand that to grow their revenue in today’s market they need to integrate online payments to meet their customers’ needs.  When it comes to choosing the right online payment processor, however, things get a little more complicated.  We put together two comprehensive guides to help merchants understand everything they need to know about accepting payments online.

Online Payment Services

Our comprehensive guide will help you better understand online payment services so you can choose the best processing partner.

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Online Payment Methods

The rapid growth of online payment methods has led to an overwhelming amount of payment options for merchants. We’re here to help alleviate that stress.

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Payline Connect

Payline Connect gives eCommerce and Apps a payment gateway with built-in security and fraud protection that’s easy to integrate into any payment experience.

Payline Connect is for business owners in search of:

  • Shopping cart integrations
  • APIs & SDKs
  • Gateway-only solutions
  • Payments page
  • middleware plugin
  • Quickbooks integrations
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AMEX Included
Monthly $10
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PCI Compliance Included
Payment Gateway $10/mo
Contract Term none
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All of our plans include:

  • No Annual Fees

    With Payline’s processing plans, there are no annual fees.

  • No long-term contracts

    Payline won’t lock you into a constricting contractual agreement.

  • Next Day Funding

    Get your money when you need it with faster funding.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Looking to upgrade your payment processing relationship? Payline heps with all payment processing needs, not just credit cards. Low, transparent pricing with added value you need as you grow. 

  • A dedicated Account Manager

    Whether you need help with integrations or are looking for the latest and greatest new tools, you will have a dedicated account manager with you each step of the way. 

  • Same-day Approvals

    With the proper supporting documents we will have you approved within hours. 

How to Accept Payments Online and Reduce Friction

Learn how to accept payments online by tackling the hassles and friction that comes along with it.

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The Secret Life of Payments: Inside Your Online Payment Processor

Understand how online payment processors work and learn how transactions move within the online ecosystem.

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Five Trends That Influence How Businesses Accept Credit Cards Online

Read how the evolution of the eCommerce industry continues to create new methods of online credit card acceptance.

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How to Accept Credit Cards Online: A Guide to Growing Your Business Faster

For businesses wondering if they should accept credit cards online, it isn’t a matter of “If”; it’s a question of “How?”. We put together a guide to tell you all you need to know and what steps to take.

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Flexible Payment Integration Solutions

With Payline Connect, you can integrate online payments into your business website with a growing list of 175+ online shopping cart solutions.  It’s the best option for accepting credit, debit and electronic payments online. Or, integrate your app using our REST gateway API. Our flexible integration solutions give you full customization and control over accepting payments within your mobile applications and software.

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Track Your Payments From Your Computer

Turn your device into a credit card terminal when you process payments directly from your computer or phone. Our Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payments over the phone or by mail order by manually entering payments – no card reader required. And, with QuickBooks® SyncPay, you can handle any transaction from start to finish. With minimal set-up and maintenance required, anyone can use a Virtual Terminal to manage their card-not-present transactions.

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Minimize Your Online Payment Processing Risk

Your merchants and transaction data are your biggest assets and need to be protected. Thanks to the growing threat of security breaches, PCI compliance is not optional for businesses who accept credit and debit card payments. PCI standards ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure transaction environment.

Don’t get caught off guard by fraudsters or lose revenue to chargebacks — download our whitepaper and learn how to protect your merchants and your transaction data with Data Security and Fraud Detection services from Payline.


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Safeguard User Data

During an online payment processing transaction, it can be difficult to tell if the customer entering their information into your gateway is the true cardholder. That’s why Payline offers an array of products and solutions to protect your business, including:

  • A Payer Authentication tool to prevent purchases from closed accounts, expired cards, or a lack of customer funds
  • A tokenization process that replaces customer credit card numbers with an algorithmically generated number called a token
  • A Customer Vault that allows merchants to initiate transaction remotely without the need to directly access cardholder information.

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Take A Step Back From Security

Take a hands-off approach with our Three-Step Redirect API. This solution ensures secure transmission of data by keeping you from seeing, touching, handling, transmitting and even storing your customers’ payment information. Not only does this keep your business PCI compliant, it keeps your customers’ assets from falling into the wrong hands.

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Online Payment Processing Features

Learn more about the tools you need to create simple, secure online experiences for your customers.

Recurring and Scheduled Billing

Included for free in our gateway, our recurring and scheduled billing is perfect for any business that offers memberships, products, or services that are delivered on a recurring basis.  

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ACH Payments

Multipurpose capabilities not only optimize your payments, they help lower your costs while making payments quicker and more convenient.

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Fraud Protection

With services like iSpyFraud, Verifi, and Ethoca, we’ll keep your chargebacks down and secure your payments from the threat of fraud.

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Data Security

Earn your customers’ trust by protecting their sensitive information with secure solutions.

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Account Updater

Maintain the accuracy of your customer data and prevent transaction disruption caused by account changes.

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Level 3 Data

Pass on enhanced transaction data and qualify for reduced interchange costs.

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