This article will review the requirements a payment processor needs to meet for your business to sell effectively on eBay UK. These requirements include processing foreign payments, security, integrations, and allowing different payment methods. Finally, this article will review several other payment processors that can fulfill the needs of your business. 

Ecommerce Payment Processing Requirements

Multiple considerations need to be met by any payment processor to allow your business to make the most of ecommerce, such as eBay UK. Being able to use ecommerce effectively is critical to your business growth. It enables you to make your product available to millions of customers quickly

Foreign Payments

One clear benefit of ecommerce, such as eBay UK, is that you can sell to customers all around the world. However, this requires that whatever payment processor you use needs to be able to process foreign transactions. Without this capability, your business will not be able to maximize the potential of eCommerce. 


Ensuring the security of both transactions and customer information is absolutely essential for ecommerce payment processing. All of the purchases made via eBay UK are card not present transactions. With this, it is vital that any payment processor you go with ensures security and prevents fraud. 

Card not present transaction fees are typically higher than card present. This is due to the higher likelihood of chargebacks and fraud. The higher risks with card not present transactions are something that cannot be overlooked. 

To avoid fraud, it is essential that whatever processor you choose is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. Many major payment processors are PCI Compliant, but some charge you extra fees for PCI Compliance. 

Another issue with card not present transactions is the potential for chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when the customer disputes a payment. It is crucial to have a payment processor that can help you avoid chargebacks and deal with them when they occur. 

Tokenization is another critical component for ecommerce payment processing. Tokenization allows your merchant account to save customer payment information securely. Rather than saving customer credit card information on your website and risk hacking, tokenization ensures security for you and your customers.

Rather than saving the customer’s information, the payment processor provides your company with a token to identify the customer. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of thieves accessing customer credit card information. 

Different Payment Options

It is absolutely essential that whatever payment processor you choose allows for multiple different payment options. Many online shoppers will not buy a product if their preferred payment option is unavailable. When using eBay UK, it is important that you do not lose customers just because you cannot process their preferred payment method.

Online customers typically seek to maximize speed and convenience when they shop online by using only their preferred payment method. You can maximize convenience for customers by having various options. If there is an issue with one payment option, the others still work. (6)

People choose a wide variety of payment options when they shop online. For example, 34% of people pay with credit cards, while another 27% pay with some form of online payment. These could include services such as PayPal or Google Pay. While another 18% pay with debit cards with another 11% pay with gift cards. 

The data clearly shows that customers use a wide array of payment options when it comes to online shopping. Even when we break down just one category from above, online payment, we see a wide variety. 

Apple Pay and Google Pay are two very popular forms of online payment. A significant portion of American customers uses Apple Pay for online purchases. At the same time, a substantial amount of Android users pay with Google Pay. If you want to maximize profitability from ecommerce, such as eBay UK. In that case, you cannot afford not to have these payment options available.

If you are unable to process Google or Apple Pay, your business could easily miss out on millions of customers. This applies to many other payment methods as well. Having a payment processor that allows you to work with multiple payment options is crucial. 


Whatever payment processor you choose must have integrations that allow you to automate and streamline your online business. Building integrations into ecommerce can be daunting, and payment processors that have integrations into ecommerce platforms, such as eBay UK, are especially valuable. 

Payment processors can also automatically fulfill other business operations besides processing transactions, including inventory management and sales reporting. Integrations allow payment processors to make your business as easy as possible for you to run. Such integrations can save you time and money and help you maximize your profits from selling on eBay. 

Processors Available

Fortunately, for any business interested in getting involved in ecommerce, there are various payment processors for you to choose from. It is crucial that you compare your options between processors before you decide. 


Worldpay is a top-of-the-line payment processor that is very popular and reliable. Processes for more than 40% of businesses in the UK. It is a good option for small businesses due to its transparent pricing. Transparent pricing also minimizes the potential for surprise costs that can cut into your profits. In addition, Worldpay has very reasonable prices, with processing costing 2.75% + 0.20 euros per transaction


PayPal is another incredibly popular processor for online transactions. They offer pay-as-you-go services, so you only pay for the transactions you actually process rather than a monthly subscription. They are a good processor and take about 3 to 5 days to process transactions. PayPal is straightforward to integrate into almost any ecommerce platform and is the preferred online payment method for many customers around the world. 


Square offers various options that allow you to scale your payment processing as your business grows quickly. There are also a variety of integrations that can make your business more efficient. These include everything from employee management to customer engagement. Additionally, integrations such as Appypie Connect allow you to integrate Square with your sales efforts on eBay UK easily. These integrations allow you to maximize the profitability of engaging in ecommerce such as eBay UK


Stripe is an excellent payment processor that is highly customizable to your business needs. You can also add additional layers of security to your services. This would be especially helpful with the increased likelihood of fraud and chargebacks that come with any online sale, even on eBay. Stripe can accept payments from many countries and payment options. It makes Stripe more than capable of providing your business with the flexibility to meet customer needs. 


Having a suitable payment processor is essential to your company seizing the potential of selling on eBay UK. Whatever processor you choose must be able to ensure proper security to minimize the risk of chargebacks and fraud. They also must provide your business with the flexibility to accept a wide variety of payment options from all over the world. Finally, it must allow for integrations that can streamline your business. Worldpay, Paypal, Square and Stripe are all excellent options for any company seeking to make the most of ecommerce, such as eBay. 

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