AMEX or American Express Company is best known for its credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheques. Founded in 1850, it accounted for about 23% of the total volume of credit card transactions in the US in 2016. AMEX was the first company to issues embossed plastic cards in 1959. Like all card brands, the CVV is on the back of the card.

Today, credit cards are part and parcel of our routine lives. But have you minutely observed your credit cards, particularly AMEX cards, and wondered about what AMEX CVV is, why we need it, where to locate it, and so on? Let us delve deeper.

What Is The AMEX CVV Code?

CVV stands for Card Verification Value. You may need the CVV number to shop online or to authenticate over the phone. Some companies refer to this number also as CSC (Card Security Code), CID (Card identification number), CVC (Card verification code), CVC2, or CVV2 (2nd Generation Card verification value code).

It is a three-digit or four-digit secret number informing the merchant that you own the card or protect you from potential frauds. In a physical transaction, the merchant can verify your identity by matching your signatures with the signature on your credit card. However, in the case of online commerce, the CVV code helps in your verification. Even if a fraudster gets access to your credit card number online, it cannot provide the CVV code.

AMEX CVV refers to the CVV number for American Express cards. The CVV number helps in keeping your credit card information safe online.

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Why Do We Use AMEX CVV?

We use AMEX CVV for online shopping or verification over the phone. It helps you pay when you are not physically present. However, the original intention of mentioning this number on the card was different.

AMEX CVV protects us from skimming and scanning frauds because the magnetic strip does not contain this code. You typically use the AMEX CVV number for CNP (Card Not Present) transactions.

Is It Safe To Use CVV Codes Everywhere?

You may doubt if it is safe to give out your credit card CVV code. If you know the merchant and you are not in a public place, you may give your CVV code over the phone. Similarly, while shopping online, you must look for secure websites that begin with HTTPS in place of HTTP. Such websites encrypt your credit card information, including confidential CVV, protecting you from the prying eyes of cyber thieves.

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How To Locate AMEX CVV On Credit Cards?

Generally, you can find the CVV code on the backside of any credit card on the signature panel. But it may not be at the same place on all the credit cards. For instance, if you look for AMEX CVV on the backside of American Express cards, you will never get a CVV there.

If you own an American Express card, you can find your four-digit AMEX CVV number on the right side of the front side panel, a little above your credit card number. Remember that this number is not in an embossed form like your credit card number.

Is My AMEX CVV Different From PIN Or CID, Or CIP?

Your AMEX CVV is different from your PIN. For security reasons, never give your PIN if you need to provide CVV. Moreover, please do not confuse with the CID (Card Identification Data) number mentioned on the backside of your debit or credit card. Usually, credit cards have a CVV number on the rear, but AMEX CVV is always above the last few digits of your card on the front side.

Do you know that, like Visa or MasterCard, American Express cards also have a three-digit code on the rear side? It is a CIP number which is essentially the same number as other cards. But AMEX CVV on the front side refers to the second layer of security to protect you from frauds because AMEX cares too much for its customers.

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Why Is My AMEX CVV Not Embossed?

You may also wonder why CVV is not in an embossed form. It is a question of your money’s safety. Some fraudsters make a physical imprint of your card by holding it briefly. But due to a clever little bit from banks, the CVV does not show in the copied impression, thus saving you from fraudsters.

Final Words

AMEX CVV is a second-level security code unique to American Express cards, typically used for online transactions or over-the-phone authentications. You can quickly locate this unembossed code on the front side of your card.

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