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After months of careful planning, hard work, and dedication, Payline is thrilled to share our new site and brand image with you. Our new site is designed to help our customers experience payments differentlyAdditionally, we are announcing a Payline product launch for our new payment facilitation platform, Payline I/O, a full-stack payments API for B2B companies structured in a one-to-many model.

Offering secure integration, instant merchant on-boarding, and flexible funding for greater control over key aspects of the payment experience, Payline I/O can be implemented with minimal internal development resources. Payline I/O provides a sandbox for developers to test their product prior to launching.

“This solution marks the next step for our company and the future of payments,” said Jeff Shea, Payline CEO and co-founder. “Unlike other integrated payment solutions, Payline I/O allows control over everything from  on-boarding to funding, which in turn improves user acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.”

Justin Louie, Head of Product, adds that this Payline product launch offers a unique value that other payment facilitator platforms do not.

“Payline I/O provides software platforms the ability to control when and to whom funds are disbursed through a technique called dynamic funding,” said Louie. “While Payline I/O does support next-day funding, software platforms may have a unique workflow and desire the ability to settle funds after an event occurs. This also allows the software platform to pay themselves, and their users more quickly.”

The user on-boarding experience within Payline I/O is seamless and instant via the API for software platforms. Users may sign up right on the platform and process payments immediately. This reduces the time to first use that can cause friction, overhead, or difficult manual processes for users of a one-to-many software platform.

The platform also supplies users with a Level 1 PCI compliant vault. Software platforms will be able to process payments securely, while tokenizing payment methods for recurring or subscription services. Furthermore, the flexible payment UI allows software platforms a drop-in UI form to accept payments quickly with minimal coding. This experience can be customized within the platform using a variety of different code.

“As the payment-facilitator market continues to expand, Payline is positioned to provide exceptional merchant services to payment facilitators with minimal risk and an ease to market option” added Shea.  “Payline I/O is the optimal solution for any business that wants to grow top-line revenue and improve profits through payment processing fees. We are excited for this Payline product launch and to expand our distribution channels.”

With customizable payment flows, instant merchant on-boarding and dynamic funding, Payline I/O can meet the unique needs of software platforms looking to enable payments on behalf of their business customers. 

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