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Make payments an integrated part of your user experience with our payment API.

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Payline I/O

Payline I/O is a payment API to facilitate payments on behalf of your users. It offers secure integration, instant merchant on-boarding, and flexible funding for software platforms that connect businesses with their customers. Unlike other integrated payments solutions, Payline I/O allows more flexibility and control over key aspects of the user’s payment experience.

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Payline I/O is for:

  • Software developers who facilitate payments within their software platform
  • Co-founders looking to scale their business in a way that can be customized to meet specific needs
  • COOs in need of a way to speed up the payment process for users with their own merchant account
  • CTOs looking for a payment API that will provide control over the user experience while seeking new revenue opportunities
  • Business owners in search of a better payments experience for their users
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Dynamic Funding

Control the timing of settlement and funding to create a better payment experience for both buyers and sellers.

Multi-Account Fund Disbursement

Settle funds to multiple sub-merchant bank accounts on-the-fly for more flexible funding options.

Flexible Price Configuration

Configuring billing, fees, and payment-splits to accommodate a wide variety of business and pricing models.

Broad MCC Code Coverage

Underwrite most low-to-moderate risk businesses to serve more markets, acquire more customers and grow faster.

Payline I/O Pricing


A payments API designed for
software platforms and apps


Per Trans $0.30
Monthly Fee $0

*Tailored enterprise pricing available

Payment API


Web and Mobile Payment Gateway

With Payline‘s payment gateway, you can seamlessly integrate with a growing list of 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations.  It’s the perfect solution for accepting credit, debit and electronic payments online. Or integrate your app using our REST gateway API.

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A Payment API Can Enable Your Software

Our Gateway and Mobile APIs give you full customization and control over accepting payments within your mobile applications and software.

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Payment API
online payment processing

Payline Connect

Payline Connect gives eCommerce and apps a payment gateway with built-in security and fraud protection that’s easy to integrate into any payment experience.

Payline Connect is for:

  • Online business owners who operate their own website and have integrated with sites like QuickBooks to manage payroll, accounting, and business financials.
  • Merchants whose current processing configurations are incorrect, leading to headaches caused by PCI compliance and chargeback issues.
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Payline Connect Pricing


COST + 0.65%

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AMEX cost + 0.8%
Monthly $0
Per Trans $0.20
PCI $0
Payment Gateway FREE
Virtual Terminal FREE

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