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Becoming an eCommerce business is as easy as 1-2-3 when you have the right online payment processing tools at your disposal. While many business options present themselves to consumers when seeking a specific product or service, some methods have more traction than others. eCommerce solutions are playing a starring role in how consumers interact with your business and your brand, so making the transition from brick to click could be beneficial to your long-term success. With American retail becoming increasingly focused on online opportunity, now is the right time to investigate eCommerce for yourself. Our online payment processing infographic breaks down the three simple steps you can take today to put your business online, including:

  • finding the best design for your site that works for both you and your consumers
  • integrating a shopping cart with your online payment processing solution
  • investing in a safe and secure online payment gateway on your website

With 95% of American consumers shopping online annually, there is no time to waste in getting up to speed with online payment processing solutions for your business to grow (and grow quickly). eCommerce moves fast, so download our online payment processing infographic and get started on the right path right away to take payments online with Payline.

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Our eCommerce solutions are designed for:

  • online business owners who operate their own website and have integrated with sites like QuickBooks to manage payroll, accounting, and business financials
  • merchants whose current processing configurations are incorrect, leading to headaches caused by PCI compliance and chargeback issues

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All of our online payment processing solutions are designed to simplify the way you take payments online at your business, complete with all the tools and features you (and your customers) need feel secure.

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