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With the rapid growth in small businesses across the world, better flexibility can pave way for better security for entrepreneurs, and one of the most efficient ways to do this is by incorporating the most-advanced point-of-sale or POS systems that come with portable devices. Clover Flex is one such POS system that provides efficient business management through an impressive mobile terminal simply within the palm of the hand. Let’s find out how this technologically advanced device can prove beneficial for your business.

What is a Clover Flex?

This handheld device primarily functions to give you the flexibility to take your POS to where your customer is situated – be it a window, table, or counter. It comes with in-built programming that allows this device to track sales, accept payments, and perform business operations efficiently.

The Clover POS app is a highly functional point-of-sale solution that comes with a variety of features to seamlessly work with different business types, be it retail or restaurant. The Flex device integrates the Clover POS app that makes it a powerful and portable credit card machine’ for safe and secure mobile payments, making it another great addition to the Clover family that already consists of the Clover Go, Clover Mini, and the Clover POS system.

The payment processing takes place through the Fiserv platform (earlier called First Data). The best part about this device is that it is light in weight and similar in design to a smartphone, and the silicone casing helps protect it from damage due to drops or bumps.

The Design

The Flex POS system by Clover is designed to be mobile. To make it more convenient for new users, Clover provides a starter kit’ containing necessary accessories such as a starter manual, power brick, a charging base, a cable, a screwdriver, and a receipt paper roll. The screwdriver helps in SIM card replacement.

For ease of use, the design of this device comes with secondary features like a barcode scanner, power button, audio jack, Type-C USB port, card readers, and different buttons along its edges. These features are placed similar to what you find in a standard smartphone, giving you a sense of familiarity while using these features.

With some online helping materials and the manual, you should have no difficulty in locating the different features for efficiently using the device. The Flex comes with a dock for charging, the lower end of which is contoured so that it can be gripped properly for charging the device. And the length of the cable for charging is approximately 3 feet, allowing you to place the device on the counter while it is getting charged.

Device Specifications

The Clover Flex device is designed for supporting contactless payment, which is why it comes with a chip card and magstripe. This device comes with measurements including 7.7 inches (length), 2 inches (depth), and 3.2 inches (width). The screen of the device is 5 inches and is Gorilla Glass protected and the screen resolution is 720p High Definition.

With a reasonably-sized screen, the Flex also features an open space right above it for placing the Near Field Communication or NFC chip along with the receipt printer. This gives the device a much larger appearance.

Again, it is quite convenient to roll receipt paper onto the device because its drawer easily pops open while latching back securely. The power for the Flex comes from a 2100mAh powered battery, which is robust enough to keep the device functioning properly for almost 11 hours at length.

The thing that is unique about the Flex is that it includes an in-built camera, which is located at its top part. This camera can be quite helpful for business owners, especially because this device can store several photos in its 8GB internal storage.

Intriguing Features of the Clover Flex

The Flex device by Clover can be described to function in the form of a device that lies between a power-packed POS system and a countertop terminal to make mobile payments. While the main function of this device is to ease the flow of payment acceptance through contactless payments, it also functions to offer advanced reporting and inventory management.

You have the flexibility and ease of carrying this device to your lined-up customers, placing it on the countertop for payments, or taking it to the tableside for payment. The device includes a touchscreen display that allows customers to sign for their purchases on the device itself, but, it also provides the option of paper receipts for those that prefer signing on paper receipts.

Again, the POS feature of the Flex includes a customer database, an in-app reporting that is fairly comprehensive, features for employee management, etc. You will find a rewards program’ add-on, timekeeping, and payroll features in the ‘More Tools’ option on this device. You have the advantage of making the hourly range’ and total timeframe’ (customer range, or today, last week, yesterday, last 30 days) specific to filter the reports on all devices or just your Flex device.

With the feature of a customer database, you have the advantage of linking transactions to your customers to maintain a database using their names and contact information, and birthdays (if necessary). This add-on CRM along with the loyalty programs by this Clover device makes it a worthy addition to your business.

Advantages of Owning a Clover Flex

Here’s a list of how your business can benefit from using the Flex device

Flexibility in Payment – The days of POS terminals functioning on credit or cash have disappeared. These days there are multiple payment methods that require acceptance like the NFC tap-to-pay chip cards, digital wallets, digital gift cards, etc. The Flex provides your business the availability of these different payment methods conveniently using a single device.

Portability Convenience – Earlier it was common for businesses to have a fixed location for the POS system, but the Flex allows you to easily move the POS system to wherever your customers are placed. Several restaurants and retailers have already moved over to Flex for speeding up the process of transactions, especially because its compact size makes it easier to move the device to the customers with ease. This also saves time for the customers, who prefer a quick and hassle-free payment transaction process. And for those that prefer paper receipts, the Flex features that option too.

Business Data Access– Transaction processing and payment acceptance are one of the many functions of present-day POS systems. Such systems need to be equipped with important information related to the business so that employees can access this information with accuracy and precision when necessary. The Flex displays information on supply chain’ insights, inventory, customer details, and more just by tapping your finger. With access to such crucial business information, it becomes easier for employees (especially service reps) to help customers more efficiently while being able to overcome different situations that tend to arise at the time of operating hours.

Enhanced Security – We all know how crucial it is for businesses to keep their data and information protected and secure. Clover Flex provides better security features that ensure that your data remains safe and protected all the time. It comes with powerful encryption to ensure that each payment transaction takes place in the safest manner. Additional security is provided through integrated NFC chip’ readers and fingerprint sensors.

Quicker Method for Payment – The lesser time needed to process transactions, the better customer satisfaction, and this leads to improved business productivity. The high-speed internet access available through the Flex allows to you connect it quickly and efficiently with your Wi-Fi network or even LTE network (cellular) so that it functions smoothly both on-site and off-site. The long-lasting battery backup helps you use this device for a greater number of hours, with a quick boot-up time, which again saves you loads of time, and ensures a quicker and safer transaction process.

Since in business, time is equal to money, Flex ensures that you get more time to ensure that your business makes more financial gains.

Who Should Use Clover Flex?

Whether you are running a small business or a large one, you will face several challenges when targeting for growth or success of your business. However, with the help of an efficient and powerful POS system like the Clover Flex, you will have one less hurdle to tackle. This full-featured device is an extraordinarily advanced POS system that performs multiple functions including quick and safe mobile payments smoothly and effectively. The portability feature of this device allows you to carry it wherever necessary, and also helps in easing your business operations effectively.

It is the most suitable POS solution for different business types including contractors, retailers, consultants, remote’ service providers, bars and restaurants, food trucks, small businesses, etc. Integrating this POS system into your business operations will allow you to conduct your business smoothly and efficiently. It is a perfect standalone system for your business, but you can complement it with Clover Mini or Clover Station Duo for improved results. The bottom line is that your business needs to be fast and accurate and this device can help you do that to expand your business efficiently.

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