Clover Flex – What You Need To Know About This POS Device

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Clover Flex is one of the most interesting Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices as it tries to combine a mobile reader and a stationary POS. So, what are the advantages of Clover Flex? How easy or hard is it to use? And, what are the notable features?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, continue reading as that’s what this article will cover.

Advantages Of Clover Flex

The beauty of the Clover Flex is that it’s a handheld POS device and combines it with an excellent modular system. The module works similarly to an app on a smartphone. Because of such, it offers unique benefits for business owners like:

* Easy Payment Processing – with Clover Flex, your customers have plenty of easy payment options. They can use cash, gift cards, credit card, or debit cards.

* Mobile And Convenient – Clover Flex offers top-notch functionality and a system that makes payment processing very convenient. On top of that, you also have the option of being mobile thanks to the device that it’s very portable.

* Metrics At Your Fingertips – any crucial metrics or numbers you need are easy to access. This includes inventory, sales, business performance, and more. Furthermore, you can access the data anywhere because of the cloud-based service.

* Top-Of-The-Line Security – the entire system is not only encrypted but it’s also combined with Clover’s security. Hence, you and your customers are relatively safe from malicious parties.

Getting Started

The Cover Flex device is straightforward to set up. When you first power it up, you’ll be greeted with the standard options of choosing the language and setting up the data connection. The Cover Flex can work with mobile data for an additional monthly cost. Alternatively, you can use your Ethernet connection or WiFi. After the initial data connection setup, the device will download all the necessary additions or updates.

Keep in mind that Cover Flex will ask for an activation code. You will receive this in your email upon setup.

The next important step is setting up the receipt printer. It’s a simple setup as the printer is already built-in to the device. Usually, it involves you popping a roll of receipt paper and a bit of setting up. Be sure to do a test print to ensure that the printer is working correctly.

The next important step is choosing the software plan. Clover will offer your two choices – the Register and Register Lite.

There are a couple of important settings that you need to set up. The passcode for unlocking the device is a good example. Other settings that might be important are enabling tips and collecting signatures for receipts.

Of course, the process above is just to give you a general picture. There are small things that you need to set up in between. Overall, it’s a simple process. If you have set up an electronic device before, then the process is very similar.

Clover Flex Features

When it comes to features, the most important thing that you should know is that Clover Flex is modular. The modules are also called apps by the system, and they could range anywhere from the customer database, reporting tools, and inventory tools. This is crucial as it means that the features are growing as the company continues to develop its system. Also, since the features are so plentiful, it’s challenging to fit everything in a single article. Hence, only the most important ones will be mentioned.

* Inventory management features – Clover Flex covers all the basic inventory needs for most businesses. You can create items with different variants. You can also create categories and modifiers. You also have the ability to track costs and stock counts.

When it comes to the pricing, you have the option of having it fixed or variable. Keep in mind that Clover Flex has a built-in barcode scanner, and you can use it to load entries to the inventory database. This feature is a great time-saver for some businesses.

* Payment processing features – Clover Flex is flexible when it comes to payment processing. There are three modules or apps that you’d want to take notice of, which are Sale, Orders, and Register.

“Sale” is your standard mode. You just type in the amount, and the customer can tap, dip or swipe the card for the payment. “Orders” allow you to pull “open tickets” so you can then complete the sale or transaction. “Register” is where all of your inventory is available, and add the products to the cart.

Other payment-related features worth mentioning are the tax and tip. “Tip” allows your customer to give tips, and it’s fairly intuitive to set up and use. On the other hand, “tax” may get complicated depending on where you are located. While there are other POS systems out there that are more advanced, but Clover Flex is enough to cover the needs of most businesses.

Additional Features

Other minor features that may be important for some businesses include employee management, customer database, payroll, timekeeping, and rewards programs.

If you are the kind that likes to obsess metrics and numbers, then you’d be pleased to know that Clover Flex features comprehensive in-app reporting tools. You have plenty of filters to play with, and you can specify the reporting range from hourly to “past 30 days.” Additionally, you also have the custom time range option.

You also have the option of having custom roles for your employees. You can give certain employees roles and only allow selected roles to access Clover devices.

Bottom Line

Just like most things in life, there are a couple of downsides to Clover Flex. Some people might find the device large and clunky. The contract terms and pricing will also differ depending on the service provider. Also, the software may glitch from time to time.

Having said that, there are plenty of excellent things about Clover Flex. It’s a flexible device as it can work for mobile or countertop POS setups. With it, you can offer your customers multiple payment types. The built-in receipt printer is awesome. Also, the Clover Flex has access to the Clover POS system, which opens up a world of features and modular apps.

While there are downsides to the Clover Flex, the upsides are more than enough to cover its flaws. Hence, it’s an excellent option if you are looking for a POS system.

Interested in setting up a Clover POS at your location? Talk to an expert at Payline and get an order placed today!

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