Businesses that Accept Credit Cards Online are Big for Mobile Consumers

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Businesses accepting cards online need to consider their mobile capabilities. According to recent data from Google Analytics, more than half of all web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Have you considered your strategy for your business to accept payments both online and on mobile devices?


accept credit cards online

Source: Google Analytics Data, U.S., Q1 2016


Consider a gateway that will allow you to go above and beyond your consumers needs to deliver a streamlined way for you to accept credit cards online. Payline offers the following with their gateway:


  • Electronic Invoicing – Go paperless and bill your customers via email for a safer, easier, and quicker way to get paid.
  • Load Balancing – Manage multiple merchant accounts on one gateway, making it easier to monitor transactions, track sales, and reduce chargebacks.
  • ACH Services – This solution is ideal for payroll, subscriptions, and memberships. It will also cost you less than it will to run credit cards and can get you paid more quickly.
  • Customer Insights – Our Customer Insights service helps you recognize your best customers, allowing you to increase sales while improving their experience.
  • Level 3 Processing – Our gateway can pass on enhanced transaction data and give you the best chance to qualify for optimal interchange rates.
  • Fraud Protection Services – Services for businesses accepting cards online help to keep your chargebacks down and secure your ability to accept credit cards online from the threat of fraud.

It is also worth mentioning that your business should be equipped with a website that offers a good user experience that adapts well to fit the needs of mobile users (i.e. Is your website coded properly so that your site shrinks to fit a mobile screen?).

With more and more consumers shopping on-the-go, it’s important for business strength that you have a website that allows users to make a purchase whether they’re using a laptop or an iPhone. Payline is there to help businesses accepting cards online securely and effectively.

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