Three Hot Tips for Business Networking Online

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Business networking both on and offline is essential to learning more about the growth of your business’s industry. Payline believes that networking is important to our success because it helps expand brand awareness. When networking for your brand, it’s important to keep your online relationships just as strong as your offline relationships. Payline employees network on and offline while showing that we are a genuine and reputable payment processor for businesses. Check out these four business networking tips for online networking for your business.

  1. Participate in Twitter Chats – This is an effective way to keep up with industry trends among other businesses online. Some Twitter chat hosts will have questions and topics posted several hours before the chat with appropriate hashtags included. This way, you can be sure to prepare for the chat ahead of time. Use of hashtags will help you stay on track with the chat, and the specific hashtag for a chat will link you to the conversation for future reference. Twitter chats are a great way to meet people with whom you can connect at industry-related networking events, therefore combining your online networking with your offline networking tactics. 
  2. Join groups on LinkedIn – When you join an industry-specific group on LinkedIn for your business, not only will you find people working or interested in your industry, you may also find potential new employees. LinkedIn is a social network that shares information about its users professional background in detail among a community of other businesses. Joining a group on LinkedIn can also connect you with fresh content and news on your industry as well. Payline uses LinkedIn as a social network for content, posting jobs, and business networking.
  3. Attend Live Webinars – Some industry experts host live webinars. Many of the webinars have the capability for attendees to ask questions in real time as a way to build a network with others in attendance. Learning new skills and keeping up with industry trends are important to us here at Payline so some employees participate in webinars, too. Another great thing about webinars is that some of them allow you to go back and view a recording to recap on anything you might have missed the first time. Webinar recordings are typically sent within a day after the webinar was presented.

Expanding your network is important for continuing business growth. Work with a processor like Payline that can provide business networking tips and help you to start accepting credit card payments today.

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This post was written by Charne Graham, content specialist at Payline.

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