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On the Go

Accept Payment Wherever You Need

Android & iOS Compatible

Whichever side you stand on, our mobile applications are free to download from the Apple® or Google Play™ stores.

Bluetooth Device

The Mobile Reader is portable and perfectly compatible with the App. It allows businesses to securely accept credit cards directly from a smartphone.

Transaction Management

Easily filter and pull reports within the app to manage all your transactions. Find which sales needs to be voided or refunded in seconds. You can even track Cash payments too!

Quick Convenience

Easily organize items, add labels, and set prices to make your check out experience quick and easy.

Mobile Readers & Apps

Payments in Your Pocket

Use your iPhone or Android devices to take payments inside your store, at your customer’s location, or out in the field. Multiple solutions are ready to go out-of-the box by downloading the mobile payment app and connecting to your phone or by utilizing Bluetooth. Benefits include:

  • Upload your products
  • Email receipts
  • Auto-calculate taxes and gratuity
  • Surcharge, void, refund, and more
  • Recurring billing
  • Swipe, chip, and tap capabilities
  • Tokenization and encryption

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Square Virtual Terminal

Simple Transparent Pricing

Keep Costs Low

No additional fees, no long-term contract and a dedicated account manager. Our low transaction costs allow you to keep more money in your pocket. Give us a try and your first month is free with no commitment!

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