ICYMI: CEO Jeff Shea featured on Bootstrapping Program

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Last week, our CEO Jeff took to the airwaves for tastytrade.com’s daily Bootstrapping in America segment to discuss Payline’s recent announcement on the topic. Here are a few highlights from Jeff’s interview with tastytrade’s Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista.


From Bootstrapping in America

Why bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping is an amazing challenge, and no one knows that more than Jeff. Having previously experienced fundraising with businesses in the past, Jeff started Payline with two focuses; the first being a desire to create opportunities for people we care about (our employees and our merchants), and the second being a desire to give back to charity. As Jeff explains, bootstrapping allows Payline to have control over our focuses as we grow into the future.


Why Payline?

We help our clients take cashless payments. In the beginning, our clients chose us as their processor because we were a local business, offering aggressive pricing and local support. Great pricing and outstanding support remain as we transition in the direction of new technology. We are growing to be able to support online retail and mobile payments.


What is it like to run a business?

From Jeff: “It’s really exciting and definitely humbling – humbling in the sense that you’re always learning. Everyone is learning together and building this company.”


We solve problems.

We help people who are looking to switch processors. We solve the problems that everyone else has, and we look at the industry and understand what works or doesn’t work. The vast majority of our clients already has processing and comes to Payline in search of quality services and concentrated support.

Bootstrapping in America

Bootstrapping in America feat. Jeff Shea and Payline

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