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For businesses that need fresh, flexible and friendly payment processing solutions, Payline, a Pineapple Payments company, offers industry-leading technology and products to power killer payment experiences. Our omni-channel solutions provide options for businesses across all industries and sizes—from startups to Fortune 500’s—tailored to suit your individual needs. Unlike other payment vendors who focus primarily on their bottom line, we care about what’s on your horizon.

Payline is headquartered in Chicago, IL and built on a foundation of providing opportunities for employees and customers to achieve their greatest potential.

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about payline
about payline
about payline

Payline Values Our Customers

Payline is a trusted friend in your payment experience. We solve the problems you face—inflexibility, inaccessibility, dishonesty, and complexity—by offering completely customizable payment solutions to meet the unique needs of every business. Powered by Pineapple Payments, we provide fresh, flexible options to meet all of your business needs, from in-store POS systems to powerful e-commerce solutions and everything in between.

From our transparent pricing to our superior technology, we give you the freedom to do commerce any way you’d like. We strive to provide the tools you need to power your business because when you succeed, we succeed.

Career Opportunities

Our team is made up of creative, passionate, and fun individuals who strive to exceed their goals and make the future of payments a reality. We are passionate about our people and providing opportunities for them to succeed.

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