Amazon Go Disrupts How Businesses Accept Credit Cards

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Amazon announced this week its disruption of retail’s current state of how to accept credit cards by introducing Amazon Go, a concept that targets a growing millennial market.

Amazon Go is a grocery store that does not require a checkout process. With the Amazon-designed Just Walk Out Shopping experience technology, shoppers never have to wait in line in an Amazon Go store. Amazon subscribers simply wave their app at the store’s entry, shops around, and leaves the store. The Just Walk Out Shopping technology eliminates the needs for lines and a checkout process. 10px-spacerAll you need is an Amazon account, a smartphone, and the Amazon Go app.

Four years ago, Amazon executives wondered what could be done to enhance the standard shopping experience. Amazon ventured out to “push the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning to create a store where customers could simply take what they want” and leave.

Early critics of the cutting-edge technology are saying that by eliminating cashiers, Amazon is effectively killing jobs. The New York Post even cited Amazon as the next “job killer”.

Will this make the way we know how to accept credit cards a thing of the past? Probably not anytime soon, experts say. Many businesses would not be able to operate without any personnel on site (think: security, stock room staff, customer support employees).

Amazon is planning to open the first Amazon Go store in Seattle next year and has plans to expand to 2,000 locations in the next 10 years and Payline is excited to see how predictive analytics and mobile tech continue to shape the retail experience.

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