EMV & NFC Technology

Retail Credit Card Processing Without the Risk

Pave the way to customer satisfaction and improved retail credit card processing with flexible in-store payment opportunities like EMV and NFC.

Retail Credit Card Processor next to Coffee Cup on Table

Do the Wave

With NFC (near-field communication) technology, your business can accept mobile payments from Apple Pay users in-store. Tokenization technology to complete transactions so that no card information is present.

Dip the Chip

Go beyond in-store standards and protect yourself from fraudulent transactions by becoming compliant and accepting EMV chip cards today with help from Payline.

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Chip being inserted in credit card processor by man

Retail Credit Card Processing Without the Risk

Every savvy business owner knows that accepting credit cards in today’s consumer-driven payments ecosystem is a necessity. Unfit retail credit card processing solutions, however, can add unnecessary risk to your business and friction among your customers.

To better understand how you can mitigate both risk and friction associated with accepting credit cards, here are a few tips to help ensure you’re in control when it comes to taking payments.

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