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The B2B business world is fast-paced, and managing your card-not-present (CNP) payment environment carefully is critical to your business’s success. It is imperative that your business stay organized — with everything from business security to how you accept credit card payments — as this will help maintain customer loyalty and business efficiency. Payline offers a multitude of solutions to all of our merchants looking to accept credit card B2B payments.

The first step your B2B business needs to take in order to accept credit card B2B payments is opening a B2B merchant account. Taking this step with a processor like Payline affords you a painless process that will allow you to accept payments however you need.  Do you offer recurring billing? Do you invoice your customers? Maybe you are a standard business type that takes one-time transactions. Regardless of your industry type, look for a processor that will provide you with a variety of solutions.

A full service solution is going to help you accept credit card payments in such a way that will help you:

  • reduce fraud,
  • help you remain compliant,
  • understand your customers’ buying habits, and
  • integrate with your financial system to ensure flexibility.

It’s also important for your business to have the ability to accept payment — and receive funds — quickly and without interruption. This is critical to business consistency and customer loyalty. Consider a processor like Payline that will provide you with services like ACH transactions. Making ACH available to your customers or using the ACH network for administrative functions packs a lot of potential. ACH can improve your business by:

  • getting you paid more quickly and without the paper headache.
    • ACH transactions are paid out more quickly than standard mail. You will also be notified of when you will be paid. ACH even provides the convenience of no paper invoices and less frequent trips to your bank.
  • making it easier to bill your customers
    • ACH payments make it easier to automate payments and set up recurring billing, as well as set up electronic invoicing and tracking.
  • improving your bottom line
    • ACH can be incorporated at rates much lower than the standard interchange fees for credit and debit cards.
  • keeping you secure
    • ACH makes you less susceptible to fraud than paper checks due to better encryption and less handling of sensitive information.

If your B2B business needs to accept payment without hassle, look no further than Payline as a one-stop, full service solution.

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