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Even with credit cards becoming more commonplace, ACH use trends continue to rise due to its versatility. Its multipurpose capabilities will not only optimize your payments, it will help lower your costs. That sounds like a “win-win” to us.

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There are numerous potential benefits to making ACH available to your customers or by using the ACH network for administrative functions. Check out all the different ways that ACH will improve your business. We made a list of “pros” for you.

  • Convert

    Convert like never before

    Additional payment options means increased likelihood to convert at checkout.

  • Speed

    Get paid more quickly & consistently

    ACH transactions are paid out quicker than credit cards due to a lower risk of non-payment. You will also know when and if you will be paid.

  • Convenience

    Oh, how convenient for you!

    More payment flexibility and convenience for you and your customers. No more paper invoices and checks or trips to the bank.

  • Price

    Improve your bottomline

    ACH can be incorporated at rates much lower than the standard interchange fees for credit and debit cards.

  • Recurring Billing

    Easier to bill, bill, & bill again

    ACH payments make it easier to automate payments and set up recurring billing, as well as set up electronic invoicing and tracking.

  • Security

    Time to put safety first

    ACH makes you less susceptible to fraud than paper checks due to better encryption and less handling of sensitive information.


Trust us, the shoe fits.

Every business benefits from implementing ACH into their payments, especially non-profit organizations, property management companies, subscription and membership based services, and service based merchants – doctors, lawyers, dentists, and accountants.

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