How to Accept Credit Cards Like You Play for the Chicago Cubs

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For the past two years, Joe Maddon has flipped the script for Chicago’s northside baseball team. The once-named “lovable losers” have found success under the guidance of their leader, whose catchphrases — referred to as “Maddonisms” — are as motivating as they are critical to the Cubs’ postseason success. Here at Payline, we feel that these quips can help your business successfully accept card payment.

Accept Card Payment With Three Maddonisms to Drive Business Success

Do simple better.

Maddon encourages the Cubs to not overthink their on-field strategy. A variation of the phrase, “keep it simple” or the “KISS method”, Maddon is implying that his team not over-complicate the game. When it comes to businesses that accept card payment for goods and services, the more simplistic the customer experience, the more likely you are to gain repeat customers and consumer loyalty. Point of sale flexibility is one way to accept card payment and keep your business running smoothly.

Be present; not perfect.

You might also consider this Maddonism if you’re looking to improve customer service at your business. Your customers want your best and they demand your attention. We recently wrote about the customer experience in the hospitality industry, where being present to diners is of the utmost importance. With customer expectations on the rise, new technologies for restaurants are playing a role beyond new ways to accept credit cards.

Embrace the target.

Before the 2016 season, Joe Maddon knew that there was a target on the backs of the Cubs as other teams chased their post-season dreams. Maddon has coached his players to “embrace the target” and revel in their statistics rather than fear them. The Cubs’ success and camaraderie is a testament to this pre-season mantra.

For businesses that accept credit cards, this piece of advice serves as a reminder to look forward to challenges rather than fear them. As stated above, no business is perfect. There will be times when a customer will be unhappy, a staff member will be unreliable, or an unforeseen weather event will threaten the day-to-day. If you embrace what lies ahead rather than run from it, you’re more likely to have business success.

Experience Payments Differently

Looking for a winning way to accept ard payment for your business? Payline hits it out of the park with our clients. Learn how we can help you cover the bases at your business today. Go Cubs!

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