Accept Credit Card Payments? Be Flexible.

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As a small business owner, you may find yourself overwhelmed on some days. Between paperwork, managing a staff, managing without a staff, ordering supplies, and balancing a budget, you don’t find much time for anything aside from what you do to make a living. That’s where point-of-sale (POS) flexibility comes in, allowing you to accept credit card payments from anywhere – your storefront, on-the-go, or online.

Use a Mobile POS to Accept Credit Card Payments

For business owners who want options, Payline offers solutions for merchants who want to accept credit card payments on the road. SwipeSimple, a solution that provides inventory management, includes item trackability so that business owners know what they have in stock and what they’ve used that day. Although it’s wireless, this solution is robust and provides responsive, cloud-based reporting. This solution is also EMV compliant and merchants choose to accept credit card payments this way for its ease of use and its portability.

Another solution, NCR Silver, can be used to accept credit card payments from a tablet which can function as a standard POS or a mobile POS. We consider this a Swiss Army knife solution since it provides capabilities for chip card acceptance, traditional magstripe cards, and even NFC payments like Apple Pay and other mobile wallets. This is an especially attractive solution for any business that attends trade shows, fairs, and other off-site events since sales information is all tracked on one backend no matter if you’re in your brick-and-mortar location or in a mobile unit (like a food truck).

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a perfect solution for any retail business that wants to accept credit card payments online. This option provides the opportunity for business to allow for subscription-based billing – a vault to tokenize and securely store sensitive customer data could prevent a lot of customer headaches if your business provides goods and services delivered month-over-month.

Accept Payments Today

Mobility can be more than just good business – it can allow for flexibility in your personal life, leaving you with more time for things that are important to you like grocery shopping, walking the dog, or yoga class. Accept credit card payments from wherever you are today with Payline.

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