5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website’s Customer Experience

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In a customer-centric market with a focus on fast and easy service, getting your website experience up to par is paramount. Here are five easy ways you can show your customers that you care about them and keep them satisfied as they interact with your website.

1. Provide Lots of Ways To Communicate and Pay

When it comes to providing an amazing customer experience (CX) on your website, good communication is key. Offering an email and phone number are standard, but offering live chat and call-back options really show that you go the extra mile to be available to your customers and respond to their needs. Thoughtful companies are trending, and the more you can demonstrate thoughtfulness, the more they will enjoy doing business with you. Customers also enjoy being offered a number of different payment options. You can incorporate virtual terminal software that makes payment extra easy for you and your customers.

2. Provide Extensive Online Customer Support

Depending on what your products and services entail, you may also want to provide more extensive customer support on your website. This comes in the from of FAQ pages, or troubleshooting articles. You can have a support database with common topics customers may ask for assistance with. You can also add features that allow customers to discuss and problem-solve together. These communities answer each other’s questions in a forum setting that is monitored and supported by a knowledgeable support person within your company. Lastly, adding a help desk feature to the support area of your website is another great way to make sure your customers receive the support they need.

3. Host a Blog With Helpful Topics for Your Customers

If nothing else, your customers will appreciate the gesture when you offer a dedicated blog area on your website. These blogs typically feature topics that will be interesting or helpful to them. Blogs can provide insight to customers as well as drive new traffic to your site using strategic SEO. The easier it is for your potential customers to find your company, the better their experience will be from. Also, don’t forget to proofread your blog before publishing it. 

Additionally, if your site clearly articulates the products and services that they want, you can iterate in order to convert. If your company is a well-kept secret, this is often too mysterious for the average customer. When a clients searches for the products and services they want, they want to see them immediately. Time is money! Make sure you’re powering your SEO accordingly. Strive to rank highly in search results and keep your visibility level high for your customers. Consider working with an SEO marketing agency to boost your visibility and achieve better results.

4. Keep It Real

Use of AI to gather real-time data as your customers browse your website can help you understand trends and habits, predict what products they are interested in, and make relevant and personalized offers. AI collects and analyzes the data that you can use to power sales and marketing strategy for each customer. Effectively, it increases the customer experience by making it more impactful for each customer. An AI-driven customer experience can quickly out manuever competitors and give you an edge in your industry. If you haven’t begun integrating powerful AI data collection into your customer experience, now is the time to look into it.

5. Gather Instant Feedback to Iterate on your Website’s Customer Experience

Integrate effective feedback forms and micro-surveys into your website that collect customer input you can. You don’t want to bombard potential customers, but you do want them to know that their experience and satisfaction with your company is important to you. Provide a static customer feedback button visible on every page of your site. Additionally, consider a pop-up window that requests feedback from site visitors in exchange for a small gift to compensate the effort. This can come in a form such as a coupon offering an amount off your products or services.

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, you cannot go wrong by focusing some effort in the direction of your website’s customer experience.

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