Are you often find the process of calculating shipping cost is delirious and tiresome? Are you looking for a magic wand that can save you from all the pain? If the answer to these questions is yes then you’re at the right place. The USPS Shipping Cost Calculator is your answer.

Many eCommerce store owners struggle when it comes to calculating the shipping cost. We know that nobody likes to do math but what if we say that you don’t have to go through the overwhelming process of calculating shipping cost. It can be really fun.

You might doubt that! To be very honest we are living in the era of digitalization where there is a plethora of software available in the market to quickly measure the shipping costs. However, The US Postal Service’s rates are probably the most straightforward while still being the most confusing. Retail, Commercial Base Pricing (CBP), and Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) are the three basic tiers of shipping carrier prices. But you can save yourself the stress by using the USPS shipping cost calculator.

This is a fantastic tool that allows you to quickly compare rates and delivery times by entering various inputs such as destination, postcodes, dates, service type, and size. You may also use the USPS Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping costs and incorporate them into your retail price. It is particularly valuable during the festivals, as many online stores offer free shipping.


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Reasons to Use the USPS Shipping Cost Calculator

When you need an estimation of how much it would cost to ship an object from one location to another, you’ll need a shipping calculator. The USPS shipping calculator is the use of a collection of manual mathematical expressions that are often used by shipping company employees to generate and send a bill to a prospective customer showing the costs of various services. A shipping company that does not use a calculator can overtax or undercharge a customer, potentially losing that customer. If you are still wondering about the benefits of using a USPS shipping calculator for your eCommerce store. This section might clear all your doubts.


1. Invaluable Asset – Apart from weighing and calculating costs and estimates, the shipping calculator can also be used to calculate the time period during which an item is finally delivered, the number of miles between collection points and delivery points, the rate per mile, the truck capacity per mile, and so on. Some businesses use the transportation calculator to figure out how much fuel their trucks can use on average, and so on.


2. Calculate Price based on Size and Region – Different countries will use the metric or absolute method of measuring weighted items; countries that use the metric system will give their results in metric meters. Countries that use the imperial system will give their results in cubic feet. Conversions with the calculator are often achieved with limited effort in various areas and without any difficulty. It doesn’t matter what size and shape you are using, it will give you the accurate price and you won’t feel cheated in the process.


3. Set Shipping Preferences – USPS shipping calculators are not limited to calculating the shipping cost, it can further be used for setting your shipping preference. If you want to receive the tracking notification you can easily do that using the USPS service. Not just this you can save your shipping preferences which will save your time.


4. Flat Rates – USPS provide flat-rate services that require no initial qualification and would be less expensive than using one of the carrier’s alternate services on a comparable shipment. It provides free shipping in a variety of sizes, but the catch is that you can only access the flat rate packages if you use those products. However, since there are few differences, standardizing the box sizes and rate calculations is easy. There are also foreign variations of USPS Flat Rates. This helps make shipping to international buyers a little less risky in terms of postal prices


5. Pick Up – One of the main benefits of using a USPS carrier is that they offer suitable pickup. Your prices may be affected by the sort of pickup you have arranged with your carrier. You will have to pay a monthly fee to get a regular pickup in some situations. However, the discounts you get in return can tend to offset the expense or even save you cash over what you were paying previously. Investigate the types of pickup options available and how much they cost.  Additionally, you should know impact they can or may not have on your postage rates, depending on which carrier you’re using. Remember to factor in the time you gain from not going to the carrier’s actual position while calculating the costs.


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There are some bonus tips that are worth paying attention to when you’re preferring USPS service. It is suitable to go with a flat rate if your item is heavy and bulky, using it won’t put a burden on your pocket. The second tip is don’t rush the process, postage prices can enhance any time. To avoid hassles on both ends of the shipping, quadruple prices any time you ship. Lastly, always keep a measuring tape and a postage scale on hand while shipping parcels. This tool can be used to enter the exact dimensions and weight of your products in order to calculate the right shipping costs.


USPS Shipping Cost Calculator – Final Word

There you have it! There is no denial in the fact that most eCommerce store owners find the process of calculating shipping costs overwhelming. To be very honest, shipping works bring a lot of anxiety. To save yourself from daunting tasks, you and your business need a USPS shipping cost calculator. We have mentioned the benefits of using it.


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