Payline Mobile Payments

Payline’s Mobile Payments converts your cell phone into a secure POS terminal.  Powered by the industry leader, ROAMpay, merchants can now quickly and securely process electronic transactions on their mobile phone, regardless of location. By using our optional magnetic stripe card reader, merchants can also qualify for the best rates available from their merchant service provider.

New Features of ROAMpay X

ROAMpay features a totally new user interface built from the ground up. Process credit and cash sales, voids, refunds and even process offlinewhen your phone has limited coverage.
Apply Sales Tax, Tipping and Signature Capture to any of your transactions. Set them once in your settings menu and ROAMpay will take care of the rest.

Secure and Encrypted Transactions, from End-to-End

ROAM Data is the #1 provider of secure mobile phone card readers in the industry with over 300,000 units shipped worldwide.

Our encrypted mobile readers and PCI-DSS certified network prevent the card fraud that plagues other un-encrypted reader solutions, making it easy for MSPs to deliver secure mobile POS solutions to merchants quickly and cost effectively.


The Fastest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Process Transactions

The light-weight swiper simply plugs into your devices’ standard headphone jack and, when used in conjunction with the ROAMpay X app, becomes an easy and effective way to quickly grow your business.

Whether your device is Apple, Android, BlackBerry or even a PC/Mac, our solutions can work for you, because we’ve gone to great lengths to provide support for both the Swipe and ROAMpay X App on the widest range of mobile devices and networks possible.

Get Your FREE Universal Swiper.

Swiping is the fastest and most cost-effective way to process transactions. Our ROAMpay Swipe is lightweight and plugs right into your headphone jack. Even better, the ROAMpay Swipe lets you take advantage of some of the lowest rates available.

PCI Compliant

Payline adheres to the highest possible standards in payment security. This extends to our partnership with ROAM as well. You can trust that your transactions are processed accordingly. The swiper and mobile app are encrypted from end-to-end and sensitive data is never stored on your phone.

Beautified receipts

Save trees and boast a higher degree of professionalism. From checkout to inbox, your emailed receipts will keep your customers well informed of their purchase.

Great for Non-profits and Charities too!

In a changing society where credit and electronic currency are rapidly growing in popularity, don’t allow your organization’s charitable income to decline by relying on cash. Payline Mobile allows you or anyone in your organization to securely accept non-cash donations using the phone you already own. We can also provide tools to manage canvasing campaigns consisting of multiple personnel. Manage an unlimited amount of phones to your donations account, track progress, and export monthly reports of your team’s activity. Leverage the power of Payline Mobile to allow your organization to be ready and able to accept donations, anytime, anywhere.

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