What is Wix?

Ever heard of Wix.net? Wix is a cloud-based website creation platform launched in 2006 to simplify building websites. This articles will tell you how to get to the Wix Login and provide a better understanding of the platform as a whole. Users have a variety of creative templates to choose from, covering a broad range of business types. Wix website creation includes effortless drag-and-drop features as well as easy photo and text uploads. A Wix user is able to create a basic website for free if they don’t mind digital ads. Simply upgrade to one of their premium paid packages to go ad-free with your site. 

In June 2020, Wix announced the formal launch of their extensive eCommerce platform. The platform’s popularity has exploded to host over 600,000 retail and business sites around the globe. Wix eCommerce is ideally suited for small to medium-sized retail stores and businesses. Their design offerings for merchants include customizable branded storefronts, carts, and checkout features. Wix eCommerce is also partnered with Visa for brand support and recognition.


Wix Login 

If you’ve joined Wix eCommerce and need to log in to your dashboard you can start by:

  • Go on to the Wix.com home page and click on the sign-in button, located in the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your email address and password to access your account.

To gain access your account from the Wix mobile app:

  • Open the app and scroll down to the product or area that you would like to edit or manage. 
  • Tap the Dashboard button and then the Manage tab to make changes or manage activity on your site.


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Wix Ecommerce Features and Benefits

Due to their expertise with website creation, Wix makes it easy to get your eCommerce site up and running. There are over 500 customizable store templates to choose from that make it easy to start uploading photos of your products. Wix Logo Maker allows you to create your own personalized brand. You can even generate a business name with their name generation tool.

An online store needs functional apps to keep a business running smoothly. Once you use your Wix login, you will see it offers hundreds of advanced functionality tools in the Wix’s App Market. The App market offers a variety of features and clickable buttons to support your product sales. There are buttons for “Buy Now” vs “Add to Cart”, also a telephone “call” button. There is even a button for “live chat”.


Apps and Tools to Help

Wix offers personalized reporting capabilities and access to professional analytics tools. Their merchants can utilize Ascend by WIX, which is a CRM and marketing suite. For in-depth customization, there is also a complete web development platform called Corvid by Wix.

The Wix eCommerce platform boasts extras like a drop-shipping option which sends your transaction info directly to a third-party company to pack and mail. There is also an “abandoned cart” recovery feature that sends a follow-up email to inspire customers to complete their purchase.

Wix offers SEO that’s easy to set up, and you can add personalized SEO to every product page. You can build an individual title, description, and URL-name for each item to increase your product’s odds of being picked up by Google. All Wix eCommerce sites are SSL certified for customer ease of mind regarding the security of their personal information.

The Wix eCommerce platform is also available on-the-go with its online store mobile app. The mobile app allows you to track sales, edit products and manage your site’s business in real-time. 

If you need help figuring out how to manage any aspect of your eCommerce business, Wix has an educational site called the Wix eCommerce School. It offers webinars, online courses, how-to lessons, and success stories. 


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Extensive Integrations

Wix eCommerce has an edge over other sales platforms with a host of extensive integration options. For instance, Wix offers real-time tax rates and calculations via an integration with Avalara. The Wix shipping calculator integrates directly with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. There’s even an integration that allows users to build wish lists for products they love in your store.

Wix’s ShoutOut is an email campaign integration favorite among Wix merchants. You can insert product links for specific product promotions within a sales campaign email. The tool allows you to modify the product’s pricing or features before hitting the send button.

ECWID is a multi-channel integration supporting digital product sales like music files and pdf images. The beauty of this feature enables you to sell these products on Facebook, Instagram, or even on Amazon without installing an additional app.

Wix Ecommerce Plan Pricing

The Wix free storefront option lets you to build and design your site. You have the ability and flexibility upload images of your products and add pricing and shipping information. However, when you’re ready to start selling you’ll be required to enroll in a premium plan. Wix offers three different Ecommerce pricing packages:

  • Wix Business Basic – $23/month
    • Sell an unlimited number of items and they are commission-free. 
    • Accept online and offline payments.


  • Wix Business Unlimited – $27/month. 
    • Everything that’s included with Business Basic 
    • Advanced eCommerce features and email campaigns.


  • Wix Business VIP – $49/month 
    • Everything that comes with Business Unlimited 
    • Extra storage and customizable eCommerce reports. 
    • Rapid VIP level customer support.

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Payment Processing on Wix

A Wix storefront has easy set-up to accept a variety of payment types. You can accept credit cards, digital wallet payments, or even offline payments like cash and checks. Digital wallet payments like Apple Pay or Starbucks Payment continue to grow in popularity in recent months as a secure and contactless way to make payments. Both digital wallets and credit card options require a payment processor to act as a gateway between your merchant account and the customer’s account.

Wix offers a default Payment processor called Wix Payments, but you can easily switch to another payment processor from your Merchant dashboard after using your Wix login. Wix partners with a variety of payment processors providing you access by using integrations. 

Payline Data and Wix

If you are setting up a new business site on Wix, you can access Payline payment processing via Authorize.net.

Payline specializes in payment processing, with the ability to reduce your monthly card processing costs with our Interchange-Plus transparent pricing model. Payline also has extensive experience with high-risk merchants.  We are able to integrate on the backend of your Wix shopping cart, ensuring your high-risk transactions are securely processed. 

If you are an existing Payline customer and considering moving to Wix, our expert technical team can help transfer your processing account to your new merchant site.


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The Take Away

Over the past few years, Wix has developed and created one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. Their extensive array of features and tools for eCommerce make store set-up a breeze. And thanks to the Wix Mobile App you can manage your business from anywhere.

Wix log in is easy to access, and from your merchant dashboard, you can customize every aspect of your business including payment processing. Payline supports the card and digital wallet processing needs for any Wix merchant through our integration with Authorize.net. If you use your Wix login and contact Payline, we can connect your business site on the backend to ensure your payment processing transactions are safe and secure.


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