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Who is Divvy?

If you run a small to midsize business, you know the drill. Anything and everything to do with day-to-day operations fall squarely on your shoulders; inventory management, hiring, training, customer service, advertising, and on and on. Your business thrives on positive reviews, so chances are your top priority is ensuring the best customer experience possible.

Unless you’re generating some really serious revenue, you probably don’t have dedicated marketing, HR, or finance departments to help you check off the to-do list. So, how do you keep up? If all you’re doing is checking your business account balance periodically, you may be missing out on a number of opportunities to maximize your revenue. In addition, positive cash flow doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re making money.

Do you have a budget? How do you keep track of sales, labor costs, and other expenses? If you have employees with expense accounts, are you waiting until the end of the month to see what happens to your account balance? If you’re ready to get rid of the legal pads and the angst, Divvy has the expense management and business budgeting software you need to take control of your finances.

Divvy was founded in 2016 by co-founders Blake Murray and Alex Bean as the first free, automated budgeting and expense management platform. Their original mission was simple: to help companies eliminate manual expense reporting, eliminate fraud, and stop overspending. Divvy recently merged with cloud-based software giant Bill.com in a transaction reported to be worth $2.5 billion.

Divvy combines expense management software with smart corporate credit cards that give you real-time budget safeguards. Prevent teams from overspending with a number of built-in budget controls and incentives.

Divvy Features and Benefits

Submit expense reports, check budget progress, reimburse employees, and manage virtual cards, all from Divvy’s streamlined platform. In addition, check your financial health in real-time with Divvy’s easy-to-use dashboard. Here are some of the many features offered by Divvy:

A generous rewards system: Earn incentives based on how you pay your bills. Get double the rewards with monthly payments, four times the rewards with bi-monthly payments, and seven times the rewards with weekly payments!

Credits and discounts: Divvy has partnered with various companies to bring you special offers like $150 off Google Ads, $50 off a new Costco membership, and $50 off a new phone at Verizon. Check out their website for additional discounts from Enterprise, Lyft, Grubhub, Vistaprint, Adobe, and more.

Automatic Expense Reports: No more saving receipts or filling out forms. Automatically collect transaction details in real-time and allow users to take pictures of receipts.

Budgeting tools: Set budgets by team, project, event, or your choice of other categories. You can easily view and update progress right in the app. In addition, you can set individual employee card limits to avoid exceeding any set spending limits.

Virtual cards: Generate a 16-digit credit card number that is connected directly to your Divvy account. Use these virtual cards to pay vendors or recurring payments. In addition, you can set expiration dates and spend so you’ll never be overcharged for goods and services.

Send and receive payments: Just push a button in the interface to send and receive payments. For example, budget admins can set up recurring monthly payments to their teams for approved expenses and monitor how each employee spends that monthly allotment. And throw away your checkbook. With Divvy, you just add a vendor, input the dollar amount, and a check is sent on your behalf directly from the app.

Flexible Credit Line: Your line of credit increases as your business grows. Divvy makes it easy to access the credit when needed to make up for seasonal sales slumps or pending receivables.

Credit Reporting: Divvy reports payment activity to the Small Business Financial Exchange, a nonprofit trade association that gathers and protects small business payment data. Consistent, on-time payments can boost your business credit score, making it easier to apply for loans or additional credit.

Extra security: The Divvy Card is PCI-compliant, provides multi-factor authentication for all approved users and enables Android fingerprint scanning and Apple Touch/Face ID support for the Divvy mobile app.

More perks: The Divvy card offers some popular Mastercard benefits, like car rental insurance, MasterAssist medical services, and 24-hour customer support.

Get Divvy

With the Divvy Card, you get: 

  • No hidden fees
  • A flexible and unique rewards system
  • Automatic integration with Divvy expense management software
  • An unlimited number of virtual cards
  • An unlimited number of employee cards (that you control)
  • Enforceable budgets

With Other Business Credit Cards, You Get:

  • Annual & monthly fees based on account balances
  • Standard rewards systems for all customers
  • Complex or nonexistent integrations with popular expense software
  • A limited number of virtual cards, if any
  • A limited number of corporate cards per organization
  • No spending locks or tracking

How Can Divvy Help My Business?

Unless you’re a CPA or retired financial officer, you probably dread the time-consuming yet critical task of scrutinizing every transaction made on behalf of your business. But, regardless of the industry you’re working in or the service you provide, you’re there to make money. You may love what you do, but there are still bills to be paid.

Owning your own business is fraught with uncertainty. To get where you are, you’ve made sacrifices and may have taken on some additional debt to help you get started. When you decide to become your own boss, there may be more than a little bit of risk involved. It takes more than vision to open a business; a true entrepreneur understands the risks and leaps anyway.

Divvy expense management and business budgeting software can help relieve some of the stress of managing your finances by:


  • Eliminating time-killing manual tasks like sifting through expense reports and receipts
  • Setting up budgets and ensuring that all your teams are adhering to them
  • Taking care of all accounts payable and accounts receivable with a single app
  • Rewarding you for paying on time and sticking with a budget
  • By offering valuable business-related offers and discounts from our trusted partners
  • Integrating easily with your existing software
  • Offering informative blog articles, relevant case studies, and a variety of helpful resources

Of course, you want to be sure, so schedule a demo with one of our experts who can help you understand how the platform works, and more specifically, how it can work for you.

Get Divvy

Payline + Divvy

Stay on track with your budgeted expenses, make and receive payments in one place, and monitor expenses in real-time with Divvy’s expense management and business budgeting software. Now that you can easily manage your finances with a simple dashboard, add Payline Data as your payment processing partner. Payline processes your credit card transactions quickly and securely to ensure that your business data and your customer’s personal information are protected. In addition, Payline handles both online and in-person credit card payments to protect your business from fraud and unnecessary chargebacks.

Payline offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees to help you keep more of the money you’ve earned. Divvy and Payline Data are both designed to make it simple for startups, small businesses, and self-employed contractors to maximize their revenues while protecting their hard-earned cash.

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