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We are in a time where money is more convenient to be sent online rather than offline. A virtual terminal solves that for you. From paying the electrical bills, tuition fees, and loans; to buying groceries and shopping, online cash payment is becoming more convenient. Hence, for people who have much financial recording to do, it can reduce their workloads.

As you may know, transactions are the most important elements used in financial statements. However, it is too time-consuming and exhausting to record manually. Sometimes, you may even forget to record the amount of cash that went in and out. Because of that, your financial statement can be chaotic, and so does your budgeting.

Table of Contents:

  • Defining The Virtual Terminal
  • What is Square Virtual Terminal
  • What’s the Cost of Square Virtual Terminal Services?
  • The Features of Square Virtual Terminal App
  • The Benefits of Square Virtual Terminal
  • Paylines Virtual Terminal VS Squares

Defining the Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals are the types of systems you can use to do all sorts of cash transactions online. You can charge your customers, make recurring payments to get paid faster and save time and sales. It has been the solution for different businesses to enable remote payment online.

In this system, you will not have to drive long and arrive in the literal terminal. Instead, all you have to do is to pay remotely via online cash transactions.

What is Square Virtual Terminal App

Thus, virtual terminals of the square are web-based software applications that allow you to individually insert credit card information into a browser and send a transfer of funds for handling. This feature enables you to take payment from your pc, either externally or in person – with or without a card reader.

Note that if you plan to use a virtual terminal to accept in-person payments, you’ll want to add a card reader to your setup. This is because card-present transactions are inherently more secure than just typing in a customer’s card number, and they cost much less to process. However, how less was the cost specifically?

How much is the Square Virtual  Terminal App Services?

If you’re looking for a virtual terminal right now, why not try this top-of-class Square and see the benefits for yourself? Here is the budget-friendly service fee that you need to check out:

For Invoices. Invoices are the listings of products and services provided by a specific company. Since it can be heavy as a workload, the software offers help regarding it. The standard payment of Square Virtual Terminal for making and creating invoices ranges at 2.9%, equivalent to 30¢. However, it will depend on the type of invoice, the complexity, and other things.

For Virtual Terminal Fees. Virtual Terminal transactions are all charged. So, it is important to be observant in using the service, especially to fit the budget. For example, the standard payment for Square’s card on file fees is at approximately 3.5%, equivalent to 15¢ (inserting payment manually). However, if you use the software another way, the fees can be reduced to 2.6%, equivalent to 10¢ for every swipe.

The Features of Square Virtual Terminal

Here are the features of Square Virtual Terminal that you will irresistibly like:

1. Card Recording – Transactions always need a clear record of the process. It contains information about your customers that are necessary for the recording. With Square Online Terminal’s card recording feature, you can be more precise in analyzing your transactions. Never lose the opportunity to improve your financing tactics again.

2. Cash Recording – Of course, it is important to know where your cash is going all the time to stay right on track. Cash Recording is a great feature provided by Square Virtual because you will not need to think hard about your cash records. This is a great help for businesses that needs a record of cash flow regularly.

3. Flexible Transactions – Square Virtual Terminal is pretty versatile when it comes to connecting. In fact, you can receive and pay money with each other even if you’re using different virtual terminals. Because of these features, people can do transactions more easily and faster than ever. Moreover, it is very friendly towards other users, and it is wholesome.

4. Secured by Computer – What’s another great thing about Square Online Terminal is the fact that you can secure all the records, transactions, and information on your computer. You won’t have to carry heavy hardcopies because it is safe and sound inside your PC. If it’s not convenient that we were talking about, then what is it?


  • Take payments from different virtual terminals.
  • Swipe cards and perform activities by swiping in the computer.
  • Aaccept cheques, cash, and another tender.
  • Receive square gift cards.
  • Ssave the information from your customer
  • Change the file’s saved card.
  • You are in charge of scheduling fees and recurring payments.
  • You can do all sorts of processes on your computer.

Paylines vs Square

Here are the detailed comparisons about the two competing sides that you might as well need to know:

Customer Service

Customer services are the means of contacting the company if you have inquiries, suggestions, and feedback. Payline Accepts email and phone only; Square accepts those too but has additional live chat support and seller community. Hence, it can be concluded that Square has way better customer service than Payline.

Monthly Fees

Monthly fees can be either advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on the type of user. Payline has multiple packages available for users to meet the monthly fees; Square has no monthly fees. With that, you can conclude that Square is cheaper than Payline when it comes to monthly fees.


Equipment is one of the basis to know the capabilities of applications. For example, the Payline currently has POS (Magstripe, EMV Chip and Pin, contactless/NFC), Subscription Billing, Mobile payment processing, online processing, and ACH Payments. On the other hand, Squares have Terminal, Register, Stand, Magstripe Card Reader (free) for chip reader + contactless. Therefore, it can be said that Payline is more equipped with the needed requirements.

Use Cases

We need to know where both the software apps are good for users to decide. For example, it seems that Payline is preferable for different types of business that can meet $5000 processes monthly; Square Online terminal, on the other hand, is great for small businesses and mobile with $100 average transaction. Hence, it can be concluded that the two software are different when it comes to target customers.

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