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Shopify Contact Support

Shopify is a popular global ecommerce platform that was founded in Canada in 2004 and currently helping over one million merchants. With that many clients, finding the right Shopify contact is extremely important. Shopify is a hosted solution which means that they basically provide all the tools a business owner needs to get their retail site up and running then the merchant pays a monthly fee to ‘rent’ their storefront. Some very large and reputable brand name companies have built their retail sites with Shopify including Budweiser, Penguin Books, Bulletproof MCT, and even the New York Times Shop.

The platform provides free storefront templates for business owners and also offers built-in merchant tools including SEO, analytics and reports so you can track sales data and optimize promotional opportunities. It’s very important for an ecommerce platform to offer payment gateway flexibility to it’s users by allowing integration options in the checkout process. Payline has a large customer base on Shopify. Clients rely on Payline’s built-in security and fraud protection systems to safeguard their business, and our payment processing system is fully integrated with Shopify shopping carts via the gateway or by using Network Merchants Inc. (NMI). 

If you are considering becoming a merchant with this top-rated platform or if you are currently a Shopify business owner, you may need to contact them for help with your ecommerce site. Whether you have development questions about their suite of API’s or questions regarding storefront setup, templates, marketing or payment options, Shopify provides 24/7 access to their expert support team. 


Direct methods for contacting Shopify:

  • Shopify Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Community Forums
  • Shopify’s Twitter Feed

Like most online merchant platforms, the best place to start with a question is the Help Center which can be found at or you can go to Here you’ll have the opportunity to look up answers to issues regarding site startup, payments, marketing, and even analytics by simply typing a support topic in the query bar. 

If you would rather go straight to live support then you can click on ‘Contact Support’ from the Shopify Contact page or you can also find the ‘Contact Support’ link at the bottom of the Help Center page. Next you can login or choose the option that says, ‘Continue without logging in’, from here you’ll have 3 support choices. The options are Live Chat, Email and Community forum. 


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Shopify Live Chat

Live Chat provides the most direct Shopify contact option with instant messaging access to their knowledgeable support agents. To initiate a Live Chat conversation with Shopify just click on the link that says ‘chat with us’. Next, the dialogue will ask you to provide your myshopify store address. The storefront url confirms that you’re a merchant on their platform and gives the support agent the site address that you may have questions about. If you haven’t committed to becoming a Shopify merchant just yet, or if you are a customer for one of the stores they host, you can still open a chat box and start a conversation with a support agent.


Shopify Email Support

If you don’t have time to go back and forth with a support team member over Live Chat you can always send Shopify an email. Just click on the ‘email us’ box from the Shopify Contact page. Here you can send an email to the support team detailing the specifics of your problem and you can also upload screenshots or data files. Shopify’s email response time is typically within a few hours. With this option, you’ll have the freedom to read the reply and work on a solution for your site on your own schedule. 


Shopify Community Forum

Support for Shopify merchants is also available through their proprietary Community forum. If you choose ‘Community forum’ from the Shopify Contact page you’ll be directed to a forum where you can register to search for solutions and join individual discussions on an array of topics relating to successfully running a business on Shopify’s platform. The forum consists of business owners, partners and Shopify experts that you can connect with and learn from by simply jumping on any of the multitude of informative forum threads. 


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Shopify Twitter Support

Shopify contact support goes further with providing help for business owners than some other ecommerce platforms by offering a Twitter feed that’s dedicated to responding to merchant questions and problems. If you’d like support via social media, you can go to to send them a tweet or Direct Message (DM). On Twitter, customer support agents will respond to your needs with very little turnaround time.

Merchant support for Shopify business owners doesn’t stop there. In addition to the solutions already discussed, There are a wide range of third-party partner forums and a myriad of Shopify ecommerce blogs that you can google for information and tips regarding everything from developing your brand to growing your business model and everything in between. 


Shopify Developer Support

If your goal is to build a storefront with a look tailored to match your company or product branding, Shopify is very developer friendly. Shopify allows developers access to their suite of API’s and core feature tools including liquid markup language to give a retail site a unique look and feel, and also Polaris which is an open-source design system to make back end integrations seamless. 

For additional developer support, Shopify’s Community Support has a specific App and Partner forum with development discussions geared exclusively toward API’s and SDK’s and the use of additional development tools. Of course, developers are also free to reach out to Shopify’s team of support personnel via Live Chat, Email or Twitter to get help they aren’t able to find on the forum.


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