Credit Card Processing – Keeping Your Business Secure

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Making your customers happy so that they continue to shop with you is one of the primary objectives of your business. When they do make a purchase, they often entrust you with personal information, especially their credit card number. There are several steps that you can take to protect this data and your client. Here are a few ways to keep your credit card processing secure. 

Encrypt the Data That Is In Your Databases

When you attempt to secure the information given to you by your customer, you need to consider every individual who could access it. That includes the employees who work for you. Purchase equipment and software that masks these digits, leaving very little of the original card for anyone to see. This must be applied to any device utilized by the members of your company, whether it is installed through a program or an application. Whether you understand what is istio or are less than sure how apps work, ensure that the data that is sent is encrypted. If you have yet to do so, order readers that are chip activated. This tool also is another level of secure credit card processing that masks what is on the account. 

Require Addresses With Every Order

Another method to secure credit card processing is to require other vital information from your client when they place an order. The most commonly used data that is requested is a person’s address, especially the zip code. Many credit card machines already have this feature added to their programming. If yours has yet to be updated, have it installed to any point of sale device that you have on both the internet and in your store. Work with your associates to ask to see a drivers license as well so they can validate the answer before they finalize the transaction. 

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Train your employees to watch for things that seem suspicious and ask them to report it when they do. When a customer wants to hurry through the checkout as the store is closing, have them take their time and pay attention to the form of payment. Be aware of where they keep their credit card. While there can be many reasons that a person would keep it in their pocket, there is a chance that they just stole it. When they wish to have your staff member talk to their financial institution on their cell phone, direct them to hand it to a manager instead. Your supervisors should be educated in how to deal with these methods and mitigate the risks that could happen from credit card processing. 

Stay Educated On the Latest Credit Card Processing Fraud Tactics

Take as many courses as you can in detecting fraudulent issues with your customers’ credit card processing, whether these transactions happen online or in your store. Your processor will have these for you, and you can often do them through their website. Research what the new virus or malware is that is threatening corporate sites. Often your data can be exposed due to one of these as well as hackers attempting to break into your network. Read publications in your industry or network with others in your field and ask what they have encountered. You can share with them what you know and collaborate on a solution. Protecting your customers is an important part of customer service. If they know they can trust you with their personal information, they will be more likely to buy from you in the future. 

Secure Credit Card Processing Final Thoughts

Installing software that encrypts your data, asking for more information like their address, and watching for suspicious behavior can help secure what is vital to your customers.  

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