How to Accept Credit Card Payments is Changing for Restaurants

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It can be difficult to keep up with trends in your industry – but if you’re currently using a restaurant credit card processing solution – this might be the blog for you. The industry’s retired method of long waiting periods for customers to pay their bill and sign their receipt is getting an upgrade for a pay-at-the-table solution. We believe that this is for the better (for restaurant owners and diners alike), and here’s why.

3 Reasons You Need a Better Restaurant Credit Card Processing Solution

Mobile Capabilities

With more and more smartphone users activating their mobile wallets as a payment solution, it’s a smart idea to have a solution that will appeal to their preferences. Smartphones are already being handed over to servers to apply mobile coupons to the bill, but in this case, the staff walks away from the table with the patron’s phone. I for one don’t usually feel comfortable handing my phone to strangers, which is similar to how I feel about handing my credit card over to someone I’ve just met. A wireless pay-at-the-table solution would not only be convenient for diners like me, but it would also provide the assurance of a secure transaction when you’re accepting credit cards at your restaurant.

Efficiency and Engagement

The current multi-step process of dropping off the bill at the diner’s table, returning to the table to pick up the form of payment, returning to the table with the receipt, and waiting for a signature can take up to twenty minutes – time that could be a better spent engaging with customers. With a pay-at-the-table solution, the process of how to accept credit card payments is simplified: a wireless terminal is brought to the diner and the diner can insert their chip card into the terminal and enter a tip all in one brief step. Not only is this more efficient, it allows for better customer interaction which may result in repeat diners or higher tip amounts.

Security Assurance

As I mentioned above, I’m protective of my valuable belongings, so what makes the dining experience any different? Despite this method of how to accept credit card payments in a restaurant being the standard process, it’s not as secure of a process as it could be in the age of data hacks and security breaches. Bringing the payment process to the cardholder is one way to make customers trust your business as you will have demonstrated that you are taking the steps to provide the best security for your business.

Find Your Solution

Pay-at-table solutions are only one facet of the changing landscape of restaurant credit card payment solutions or as the industry continues to introduce new dining technologies (burrito drones, anyone?). If your restaurant business is looking for a pay-at-the-table solution, or if you are in the hospitality industry and looking for a way to take point-of-sale to the point-of-service, contact Payline today.

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