Five Trends That Influence How Businesses Accept Credit Cards Online

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As we have shared this quarter, it has been an eventful 2017 for businesses and technology. The eCommerce industry continues to evolve and businesses are more willing to embrace the advancements of new ways of online credit card acceptance. Here are five trends that determine how businesses can accept credit cards online.

  1. Easy-Order Buttons – Amazon is the first to introduce smart shopping devices for certain brands with its Dash Button. The Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders consumers’ favorite products from brands on Amazon with the press of a button. More businesses may follow suit with easy-order buttons in the future.
  2. In-App Purchasing – Major retail stores are utilizing alternative ways of online credit card acceptance with their own in-app purchasing. Apple Pay and Amazon may still be front-runners in seamless ways of shopping but big box stores like Kohl’s and Walmart put online shopping at the fingertips of their consumers with in-app purchasing.
  3. Email Marketing – Keeping a regularly updated email list for your business is an effective way to convert readers into loyal customers. With an email list, you can remind your customers of items left in their online shopping carts that they may have forgotten to purchase.
  4. Social Commerce – Social media is currently one of the top marketing tools in business. Social media channels that integrate to accept credit cards online is another frictionless way for consumers to shop. Instagram’s “Shop Now” option helps businesses turn their social media followers into customers. Pinterest is another social media channel that leads to customer conversions. According to WordStream 93% of Pinterest users are on the platform with plans to make a purchase.
  5. Same-Day Delivery – Businesses that offer same-day delivery for products continue to be leaders with the way brands can accept credit cards online. Amazon Prime remains one of the major players in same-day delivery for consumers who don’t have the time to wait. 

Payments technology continues to develop and, as a business owner, it’s good to be in the know on what’s ahead. Choose a knowledgeable processor like Payline to accept credit cards online for your business.

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This post was written by Charne Graham, content specialist at Payline.

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